Did You Know? - "Mimi Said"

Use the hot water. Use hot water from the tap when brushing your teeth. The temperature will soften or melt any hardened oils and deposits on your teeth, making your brushing more effective.

Go sniff some salt-water. If coming down with a stuffy nose, snuff warm salt water up your nostrils. Mix 1-teaspoon sea salt with 1-cup warm water. Dissolve and pour a little into the cup of your palm. Sniff into one nostril at a time and pretend that you have just taken a dunk in the ocean surf - it'll clear you right up. Repeat as often as needed.

Eat your breakfast! You will have more energy throughout the day if you eat a good breakfast.

Always buy a good lotion. Using a quality body lotion after every bath or shower keeps your skin younger looking, well into your 90s.

Take off your makeup! Never go to bed with make-up on your face. Never. It speeds up aging around your eyes and mouth.

Go brush your hair! Brush your hair often; 100 strokes really does take away the old hair and leaves an opening for the new growth.

Don't drink while you eat. Never drink fluids while you eat because it washes away the digestive enzymes in your mouth.

Chew, chew, chew! Always chew your food into tiny bits! Your stomach cannot chew your food for you; it only removes the nutrients from the mush that you have already chewed and swallowed. Never swallow large pieces of anything because it stresses the stomach.

Say "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am". Always say ma'am and sir to those older than you; they will respect you more.

Don't talk politics or religion. Never publicly discuss politics or religion - you'll avoid unnecessary negative opinions.

Save your money. Just save your money!

Can you afford it? Only charge on a credit card what you can pay in one check.

Don't go to bed angry - ever! Resolve disagreements before each day ends.

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