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Last week within minutes of one another, I received the following two emails from the Netherlands:

Greeting from Amsterdam - the Netherlands

    Aspartame Consumption: 10 years; Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes; Diet Products Used: everything from sodas to meals; Do you use Equal: Yes; Do your children use aspartame: Yes.

    Comments: I just want to thank you for the information, Dr. Hull. It's been a revelation for my coworkers and me.
    Thanks again for all your efforts.


City: Amsterdam, Holland

    Aspartame Consumption: 6 years; Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes; Diet Products Used: Pepsi Cola (8-10 glasses a day), Atkins diet bars, Stimorol Tropical Twist chewing gum, tabletop sweetener for coffee (5 times a day).

    Comments: A couple of weeks ago I started getting these very weird, scary and unusual symptoms like vertigo, dizziness. The most frightening of them all is when I try to concentrate on something like reading or just watching TV, I get horrendous panic attacks combined with the feeling like my soul and all my sanity are being sucked out of me, starting from the chest and going upwards.

    When these episodes do happen, I have to forcefully return myself back to "sanely me" for I get a terrible fear that I may die or just go mad. I never experienced anything of this kind in my entire life! Born in the Soviet Union, as a child, I was never exposed to any kind of artificial sweeteners, and none of my relatives or ancestors had any history of mental illness. It only started later in life, after I moved to the Netherlands 17 years ago. While battling my weight issues, I came upon the Atkins Diet that so heavily promotes "sugar free" products. Yes, I did lose lots of weight, but at what cost?

    It is truly frightening! But ever since I came across this website, I dropped all the aspartame laden products, and yes, literally, all that cr-p went right into the bin. Although it's been only two days, I felt immediate relief to those horrendous symptoms.

    The funny part of it, I had read about the dangers of aspartame 10 years ago in a sort of underground knowledge magazine "Nexus." I just thought to myself - "Oh, that's terrible! Moving on!" If only I had listened to the advice on the dangers of this vicious aspartame back then...

    Well, I just want to say thank you for all the information on the subject. I'm so happy to have come across it AGAIN; this time at the most critical time of my unhealthy life.

My replies:

Sadly, we hear similar stories from consumers all over the world. BUT, you figured this out, and can now return to health and stay healthy after removing these known toxins.

It is sad how our American gluttony spreads outward and pollutes other countries. Our lifestyle in America should be so first-rate because we have freedoms here that many do not have. Yet, the politics of greed has polluted our opportunities, and we are becoming a very sick nation - emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The truth about aspartame is REAL and has been proven time and time again to be a dangerous toxin. But, this truth is covered up, manipulated and sequestered by those making the mega-profits, and all at the sacrifice of human health.

At least you are not as immersed in these chemicals as we are in the US. We have cola machines in every school, theater, government office, hospital, and nursing home - these toxins are everywhere. And these toxins are advertised.

Thank you for writing, and may your future be bright and healthy. KNOW that your experiences with aspartame and the phobias it has caused you are just that - bad experiences caused by aspartame. Stay away from all man-made toxic chemicals, definitely don't eat or drink them, and your life should be good to you as you head down life's highway!

The best in health.

These emails made me think about my mom, my dad, my upbringing, and about my grandparents. Oh, to live like my grandparents did would be just delightful.

Grandmommy and granddaddy were married for over 80 years. She died at Thanksgiving at 101 years of age, and granddaddy followed her at Christmas that same year, living to be 102 years old. Neither of them was ill during their long lifetimes, and they lived together in the house my grandmommy was born in until merely a year before they died. What was their secret to good health; secrets we are burying alongside their heritage?

They married on Valentine's Day and took a horse and buggy 10 miles down the road (which took them all day, BTW) for their honeymoon. They bought one of the first Model A Ford cars, they had one of the first telephones in their home, they enjoyed electricity, yet warmed by the fireplace, cooled pies on the screened porch, and raised their own food.

They drank well water, walked more than they drove, they didn't watch much television (except you didn't dare disturb them when their favorite soap opera was on), and sat on the porch swing and watched the trains go by like clockwork. And speaking of clocks, they wound their clocks with skeleton keys.

I loved going to visit them as a child. It was like taking a trip in time. Their house was outside Atlanta, Georgia, and it was built with wooden pegs before the Civil War. It stood tall and firm until after their death, when it was torn down and replaced with a dental office.

My grandparents witnessed two world wars, the Korean War and the war in Viet Nam. They lived through the Great Depression and watched a man walk on the moon. The one common denominator in their lives was their joy. They loved one another and loved other people, they trusted others and were trusted in return. A handshake deal was more binding than a formal legal document. Integrity ruled over greed. There was quality in all manufactured goods in their day, and a profit was earned and respected. Fairness ruled above cheating, and cheaters were ostracized from their local world.

They would be saddened by our world today.

Grandmommy cooked fresh meals everyday of the week in a kitchen with no central air. She cooked turnip greens with ham, baked fresh biscuits with lots of churned butter, and native honey and homemade jam slid down their steamy, golden edges.

They ate meat with every meal, drank tea and coffee from leaves and fresh grounds, and both were sweetened with lots of sugar and pure cream. And every night - I mean, every night - they treated themselves to a bowl of ice cream - usually homemade.

Neither was ill. Neither was overweight. Neither was depressed nor phobic. Both died with a full and healthy head of hair. Both always had a gracious smile.

What are we doing today that they did NOT do 100 years ago?

Well, the majority of American consumers now live on diet sweeteners, Big Pharma meds, food colorings, and artificial fats. Children get injected with too many low-grade inoculations starting at birth, and education has to be "politically correct." Societies have replaced integrity with the omnipotence of money. Our legal system has outsmarted itself, and crime now trumps the victim inside our court system.

Don't get me wrong, times have always been tough in one fashion or another, and humans have a history of being unkind to one another, but the "emotional" and "nutritional" state of modern society is much different as compared to my grandparents' day. Today, our food is too fake, over-processed, and saturated with toxins; people are not as healthy as they used to be, but we are bringing it upon ourselves.

Are there ways to grow old in a dignified, happy and healthy way in society today?

You bet!

Rewind the tapes in your life. Go back to a time and place when you were vivacious. Don't spend your life just existing - start living again. Start laughing again. Find your safe place to let your guard down.

I moved to a small town to find my peace, and when the big city developers turn my beautiful country town into another "big city", well, I'll move farther out. I'll drill a water well, and hook up to wind power. Maybe I'll get a horse.

Try to bicycle more than you drive your car. Get a mo-ped. Get up and out of that chair and WALK!

Smile and laugh more; get your sense of humor back - it's contagious. Take the television away from the children in your household, play more cards and board games, or take family walks with the dog on a routine basis. Enjoy nature.

Eat more homemade meals, and when you eat out, eat at a quality restaurant. Stop eating in your car. Sit by the fire on a cold night and talk to one another.

Help your children with their homework, and home school them even if they attend a public school. Or simply home school them all together. With modern Internet technology and The Discovery Channel, don't be surprised if they are ready for junior college by the time they are in the 9th grade.

Take your life back. It's yours - you own it!

Avoid toxic drugs and medications, drink healthy liquids and avoid colas and diet colas. Walk more. Get outside more.

If you cannot do these things safely where you currently live, get your house ready for market, and relocate to your dream spot. Live life. Treat people the way you want to be treated. This is what life should be about; the way it was 100+ years ago.

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