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PH Balance

Q - Dr. Hull, I've heard many times that cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. True? Will drinking alkaline water make your body alkaline? How does one change the pH?

A - It is good to check your saliva and urine pH when concerned if your levels may not be balanced. But, yes, drinking and eating alkaline foods will help maintain an alkaline pH and yes, cancer typically cannot grow in an alkaline environment. You want to make sure to not get too alkaline, though, because this can cause dehydration of the tissues, gall stones and kidney stones, and thickening of your blood due to less hydration to dissolve solids.

The best in health.

Adrenal Burn-out from ER

Q- I am a 61 year old female who is also a 911 dispatcher. I have a very stressing job, but want to take care of my health. What would be the best products for me to start with????

A - Did you know that I used to be a firefighter and EMS responder? I know what you are going through.

Get on a good quality multivitamin and mineral at least 5 days a week. Then take vitamin C from ascorbic acid 7 days a week, and then take an adrenal support supplement at least one bottle every quarter of each year, so 4 times a year!

This should help! The best in health.

FGC and Leukemia

Q - I need to know before ordering if the French Green Clay is safe for a Leukemia patient. My husband takes 200mg of Gleevec (chemo=poison) to keep his Leukemia in remission. Will FGC interfere with his meds?

A - This is a good question and one that has no definitive yes or no. The FGC is a natural clay that removes toxins that the body has no use for and therefore, wants to expel. When enough toxins are ingested, the body cannot efficiently excrete them and they begin to accumulate in the tissues throughout the body - sometimes in the brain, sometimes in the lymph glands, in the blood, in the organs, etc. The clay removes those toxins without any side effects other than the nasty reactions caused by those toxins, such as headaches as aluminum, for example, excretes from the brain. But I'd hate to say if this would lessen the effects of his medications. We would hope it would remove the excess meds the body did not uptake, that can become toxic as well, or that it would possibly remove the reason for his leukemia, as studies have now proven that aspartame, for example, caused leukemia in lab rats. So, it is a personal choice to decide whether it is time to take some alternative chances to try to stop progressive health deterioration, or to play it safe and do nothing more than what the medical doctor knows to do - which is little towards curing leukemia.

I know this is not a direct answer, but it is the best way to attempt answering this difficult question for you.

MS or Aspartame Poisoning

Q - I am sitting in front of my computer in absolute awe at what I am reading. On May 24, 2004, I was diagnosed with Relapsing/Remitting MS; OUT OF THE BLUE, I MIGHT ADD!!!

All of my symptoms (tingling, numbness and weakness in my legs and arms; temporary blindness in my right eye; chronic fatigue) have all been highlighted in your article about Aspartame Poisoning.

I am currently, unbelievably in debt to my MS Neurologist and MS pharmaceutical company for countless MRIs and MS injecting therapies. My heart and soul wants to jump into the hair analysis and detox program with both feet; however, my pocketbook shutters a little bit.

Will this be a financially sound move? I don't think I can tolerate many more hours in the big gray MRI tube!

Stunned in SC!

A - Oh my. I am sorry for all you have been through and most probably focused around your consumption of aspartame.

It is always prudent to have a hair analysis done when a "mysterious" illness won't go away, and the docs and all the med tests show nothing conclusive. Guessing at a diagnosis is not only scary, but costly. And if you are "labeled" with this on your insurance, this will drive your premiums up unnecessarily and they may never come down!

So, the best step to take is removing all aspartame (and the other nasty food chemicals saturating your foods) from your life - go cold turnkey. Then detox, if you can, and definitely restore the depleted vitamins and minerals your aspartame diet has destroyed in your body. This is an inexpensive way to see, quickly, if aspartame is this whole problem. You can fix your health for the price of a good vitamin, bottled water and whole foods!!

The best in health.

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