What Makes the Difference?

I'm often asked what makes my hair analysis and detox program different from other programs. Below you will find correspondence between me and people who have written to me with questions. The first email is from "Sam" (not a client), but a consumer with many questions. The second is from a detox client who had questions while doing the Detox program.

I think you will realize that one of my goals is to be available to answer questions - both before and after detoxing. I truly care about people. I know that quite a few programs in the marketplace are basically "here's the program, you figure it out." I truly believe that anyone who has taken such an important step to improve their health by taking control of their own situation deserves some personal guidance and encouragement. Therefore, I try to teach you as much as I can as you go through the Detox process; the more you understand about your illness and the various causes of disease symptoms, the more independent you can become.

The following 2 emails illustrate the reasons I enjoy helping people on their journey to good health.

From "Sam":

After 8 days in the hospital for diverticulitis surgery, and just a week into recovery, I noticed that my sense of smell and taste were super strong. I also noticed that my scalp had TOTALLY cleared up its previous dry, scaly state.

Could this be because I was somewhat detoxed while in the hospital, given only a clear liquid diet, IV fluids, numerous antibiotics for infection, and fed the "green bottle" of citrous liquid to clean me out before surgery? It seems I could smell and taste every individual element around me, and my scalp was as clean as a whistle. Can you explain this?

My first response to Sam:

Thank you for your submission. Looks like you got a bonus with your surgery! It appears that during your hospital stay, you were forced out of your regular routine. Most probably, something in your daily schedule had become toxic and/or you may have had unhealthy habits. Because of your hospital stay, you had the opportunity to Detox your body (that little green drink before surgery), get more fluids into your system, (IVs), and you ate less solid foods - you got back to the basics of what your body really needs every day, and believe it or not, that is a very basic list - we need much less food than we typically eat, we need more clear liquids and more water daily, and less fatty foods and processed foods, and in lesser amounts.

Because of your hospital stay, your body seemed to quickly react in a positive way.

This is a good opportunity for you to reevaluate your regular routine and see if there are old habits or manufactured products in your daily routine that might have affected your sinuses, such as chemical foods and highly processed foods, diet products, trans-fat foods, or eating larger food portions. If you can keep up the basics, you will more than likely keep that improved sense of smell and maybe even notice a few other improvements as well.

Sam's follow-up email to my response:

Thank you so much for your quick reply. Obviously, being removed from my home into a much more sterile environment with only clear fluids really reduced my toxic load. Another thing that I noticed was my bowel movements after about a week, DID NOT have the normal fowl smell. As I slowly and gradually starting eating my regular food again, nevertheless, the odor returned.

Like you said, I was definitely forced out of my regular routine. I have also been tested for inhalants and food allergies by both skin and blood tests, and it seems that I am allergic to almost everything, particularly grasses EVEN THOUGH I do not have the typical symptoms of a runny nose, sneezing or coughing. For the first time, and out of nowhere, I broke out in hives and welts across the inside of my arms, chest and face. That scared me because this was out of the blue and had never happened to me in 52 years. I surmised that it was because I mowed the grass the day before. I was tested again for allergies, and it seems to my allergist that as I age, I am getting more sensitive to various substances. They prescribed drops under the tongue instead of allergy shots, so I will see how that works.

I don't like taking medications, so my solution for all of this is to approach this problem first externally by removing everything that emits pollution indoors, and replace all cleaning solutions with non-toxic cleaners. I will clean the carpet thoroughly with steam only. I will remove as many food products in plastic as possible, reduce as much processed food as possible, improve my diet dramatically by adding fresh fruits and vegetables, and eating less fatty meats (this means much more manual food processing for me). I already drink tons of water daily, but I need to totally stop the sodas.

Once I cleanup externally, then I will attack internally by doing a total body cleanse. I have not determined which order/method yet, so that is where I need help. I will be in contact with you in the future to determine what I will need and what the best products are for the job. I live a very clean life, which consists of much less processed foods than most Americans eat. Oh yes, I guess I will also need to get my hair analyzed to determine what toxins are present in my body first. Can you tell me what the hair analysis test costs on average?

Thank you for all your help. I am going to try and do this with my family all together, including my wife and daughter because I believe it is that important.

And my final response:

It is rather amazing to me that many times we require something "bad" to happen before we realize that the little things in life make a difference. I'm so glad you have such a positive attitude and that you are really working at truly getting healthy - in many ways. I know your family must be very proud of you.

Sam, I actually have about 25 other emails to answer today, but I was so impressed with how you are taking charge of your life and making a commitment to be healthy, that I couldn't wait to write you back.

I definitely think you are on the right track by dealing with the external pollutants, but I think you may want to go ahead and do the hair analysis. The process takes about 3 weeks - first you send me your hair sample, then I send it to the lab for testing which takes about 2 weeks. They send the results to me, and I interpret them. I email you and also postal mail you a very detailed report, which includes nutritional recommendations. My hair analysis costs $180 (that's $85 for the lab fee and $95 for my interpretation). While you are waiting for the results of the analysis, you can continue doing your external cleanup. I've provided the link for my hair analysis. When you click on the "Order a Hair Analysis" button, you will be given 3 options of how to pay for it. Dr. Hull's Hair Analysis

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions, and keep up the good work, believe me when I say it will all pay off in many ways.

I'm proud of you.

This email is from a Detox client who is starting the second week of the Detox program

Q: Hello, I am currently doing the Detox program and I am in my second week. I am experiencing a metallic taste in my mouth, is this normal? I experienced this taste at times before my Detox, but it is a lot stronger at this time. On my hair analysis, it showed that I am high in aluminum and uranium. Do you think this has anything to do with it?

A: Yes. These are the metals that are active within your body right now. The purpose of the Detox is to pull them "up and out." You will taste metals if they are in your mouth. Go back and re-read the hair report where I write, "Where the strongest health reactions are, your metals are the most concentrated." You may want to get your fillings inspected with a holistic dentist, or identify products you may be using with aluminum containers.

Q: Also, when I drink the trace minerals, my body rejects it. As soon as I take a sip, I get very, very nauseous, and I want to throw up. I have tried drinking it twice; do you think it might be the Stevia in it that my body will not accept? I feel really ill when I drink it!

A: This is the first time this has been reported to me concerning the Trace Mineral Complex. I, personally, drink the trace minerals straight out of the bottle and feel really good afterward. But, this is a reaction your body is having that reflects the fact that you cannot assimilate the minerals (one or more, not ALL) due to something going on inside your body. This could be the metals within your mouth, inefficient digestion in the tummy, or toxins within the upper GI tract blocking assimilation of the nutrients. It is possible that your body doesn't like the Stevia, but this is also an unusual reaction. More than likely, it is a metal repelling one of the minerals. Remember, all metals and minerals, for that matter, have electron reactions to one another, and when toxins are present, it's like forcing the same end of two magnets together - they repel.

So, what to do......

Stop taking the trace minerals for now, and let your body move these toxic metals out. Detox as aggressively as you can, but be comfortable while doing so. Then, I think you'll be able to replace the minerals again. Because the minerals are liquid, they begin digestion with the saliva in your mouth, not in the tummy like capsules or tablets. This creates a reaction before it hits the tummy. Introduce the minerals in another month or so. This will also be a gauge to know your progress in removing the metals. When you feel good taking the minerals, you'll know toxin resistance is gone.

Let me know if you have more questions and/or reactions. Your perceptions are an excellent way of "reading" your body and listening to what it is trying to tell you. You can judge by how you feel, and have confidence that only you know your body best!

So, please know that your questions are welcome at The Hullistic Network, and my staff and I will do all we can to help you along the way. We provide detailed FAQs, and hundreds of pages of web text to answer your more common questions, but if you need more answers, please know that we will do our best to help.

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