Detox - Did You Know?

  • Flush-free forms of B3 niacin remain in the liver for unhealthy periods of time, which can create elevated liver enzymes and liver stress.
  • Many forms of vitamin C come from lesser-expensive corn sources, which can result in allergic reactions, stomach aches and stomach cramping. Seek vitamin C sources from fruits and vegetables, and those less dominant in corn.
  • Do not drink liquids while eating a meal to allow the digestive juices in the saliva to begin the first stages of digestion. Drinking while eating washes the initial enzymes out of the mouth before they have a chance to begin the digestion process.
  • When using digestive enzymes, purchase those containing both upper (papain, HCL) and lower (amylase, lactase, etc.) digestive components. Omnizyme
  • It is best to use digestive enzymes AFTER a meal to encourage your natural digestive juices to produce on their own. The enzymes assist the body in supplying the proper nutrients needed for complete stomach digestion, and if taken after a meal, the body will not develop a dependency on them.
  • Many multi-vitamin supplements are highly processed with added metals such as titanium and aluminum, and are manufactured using synthetic-based chemical fillers, chemical sweeteners, and/or food dyes.
  • A quality multi-vitamin and mineral need only be taken three (3) to five (5) times a week. VitaPro
  • Eating yeast (yeast products) at night can aggravate allergies and disrupts deep sleep patterns.
  • Open-cell Chlorella is highly effective for the removal of mercury.

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