April 2006 Issue


This month's newsletter focuses on diabetes - what are the different types of diabetes, why is this disease currently at epidemic levels, and what can you do about it? The information provided in our newsletter is expanding, so we have modified the format. This email serves as an introduction to... Continue Reading

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Healthy Feedback

Dear Dr. Hull, I have numerous health problems!! I am on 13 different medications a day. My most recent reaction to a product with aspartame was 3/17/06. I had about 6 pieces of chocolate containing aspartame. About 4 to 6 hrs later I woke up with chills, muscle twitching, teeth... Continue Reading

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The Different Types of Diabetes

It is easier to understand the harmful effects from chemical sweetener substitutes if we review the three different types of diabetes: Type I, Type II, and Gestational. Insulin-dependent diabetes, Type I diabetes mellitus and juvenile diabetes require daily injections of insulin to stay alive. This form of diabetes is considered... Continue Reading

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Net Carb Alert For Diabetics

"Net carb" is a new catch phrase these days for people watching their carbs. It means that the carbs from fiber don't count in your total carb intake, which is a good thing for the weight conscious consumer, but it doesn't work the same for a diabetic. "Net carb" means... Continue Reading

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Can Chemical Sweeteners Interact With Insulin?

The manufacturers for the various sugar-free products market their diet sweeteners as completely safe for diabetics. But, their clinical studies represent merely a fragment of the diverse effects chemical sweeteners can have on diabetic individuals, particularly Type I diabetics. An important point that is overlooked: it is vital to monitor... Continue Reading

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Did You Know?

- An estimated 16 million Americans have Type II diabetes, the sixth leading cause of death overall. - Many studies have linked a high intake of refined carbohydrates and other foods with a high "glycemic index" with the development of diabetes. - The body's main source of fuel is a... Continue Reading

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This Month's Healthy Recipe

From Dr. John McDougall's Wellness Center. Mexican Bean Soup This is an easy soup that anyone can put together with very little effort for delicious results! The optional chipotle powder adds a smoky flavor and a bit more heat to the soup. 1 32 ounce box vegetable broth 1 onion,... Continue Reading

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Q & A with Dr. Hull

To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull Subject: Aspartame and diabetes Q. I suffer with diabetes and as a result I used to drink an average of 6 to 8 liters of diet drinks a week. However, last year after reading the article on the 92 side effects of aspartame, I stopped... Continue Reading

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Straight Talk From Diabetic To Diabetic

For each of us, the more we take care of ourselves, eat the proper foods, and exercise regularly, the better. If you are diabetic, eating the right kinds of foods and getting appropriate exercise can mean taking less insulin; and the less insulin you use, the better off you are.... Continue Reading

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