Did You Know?

-Almost thirty percent of prescriptions written for people over sixty-five in managed-care plans are for medications deemed potentially inappropriate for older people.

-Five percent of the (above) seniors were prescribed one of eleven drugs that a consensus panel of medical experts recommend older patients should "always avoid." (Serena Gordon, HealthDay News, Feb. 25, 2005)

-The average stick of chewing gum holds its flavor about seven minutes.

-100-grams of human breast milk contains 33-milligrams of calcium. 100-grams of Florida oranges contains 43-milligrams of calcium, dried apricots contain 67-mg of calcium, raisins contain 62-mg, and pistachios 161-mg. Parsley has 203-mg calcium, raw cabbage 49-mg, and carrots approximately 37-mg per carrot. Watercress contains 151-milligrams of calcium, soymilk contains more "absorbable" calcium than cow's milk, hummus made with chickpeas represents 150-mg calcium, and tahini from ground sesame seeds is a whopping 1,160-mg calcium.

-Curcumin, the yellow pigment in turmeric (curry spice), may be one of the reasons India has among the world's lowest Alzheimer's disease rates, according to a new UCLA-Veterans Affairs study.

-After years of debate about whether a nationwide explosion in autism is related to a mercury-based preservative used in vaccines, Texas researchers have found a new suspect: mercury from coal-burning power plants. In a new study, scientists at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio are reporting a strong correlation between higher mercury release levels and the developmental disorder marked by communication and social interaction problems.

-Polished (refined) rice is simply starch. Unpolished rice naturally contains protein, B-vitamins, vitamin E, tocotrienol, gamma oryzanol, vitamin B-17, and fiber. Refined (bleached) flour is also all starch. Whole-wheat flour naturally contains vitamin E, protein, octacosanol, B-vitamins, B-17 and fiber.

-Vitamin E was first discovered in 1922 when researchers found that the rats highest in tocopherols were the most fertile. Tocopherol was then named after the Greek words "tokos" and "phero", which mean "offspring" and "to bear."


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