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To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: swans with lead poisoning

Q: I hope you can answer this question. I work at a wildlife rehabilitation center. And on countless occassions, we have had many swans dying of lead poisoning. The symptoms humans show. Could they be significant for the birds, too? I only ask these questions because a lot of them are suffering - geese and swans. If you can offer any insight on some type of treatment or help, I would greatly appreciate it, and so do the birds. Thanks

A: Yes, you are correct. Any animal exposed to artificial toxins, especially toxic metals and non-degradable chemicals will get sick. More and more animals are developing our "human" diseases. And we must try to cure them using natural methods, otherwise, they become "guinea pigs" and "drug" junkies dependent on the pharmaceutical companies to stay alive. Not good.

So, I would introduce the natural clays for them to eat (French Green clay or montmorillonite clay), plenty of fresh water, keep their pH balanced, and you may want to aid in digestion by introducing the natural foods that assist with digestion - stones for the birds that require stones to digest, berries, fruits such as papaya and pineapple, lemons and limes, grapefruits, etc.

Please keep me posted on your progress. Can you have an environmental engineer assess the environment so to restore it to it's natural state, or has development completely taken it all away?


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: cell food

Q: I'm reading about cell food. Sounds wonderful. But the Sloan-Kettering people say it is 'unproven', that the literature put out by the commercial cell food people is 'jargon.' We know that there is a great 'caste' or 'class' difference between mainline medical science JAMA-style, and those seeking holistic alternatives. (I see it as the difference between the 'sickness industry' and the 'health movement.') And we are all familiar with scams of one sort and another. What can you say about cell food? To me, it looks 'unproven,
but promising.' So, why aren't more labs and clinics testing it?

A: Actually all food is cell food in that all food supplies nutrients that are carried to the cell for food. But the micro-algae such as Spirulina and Chlorella are specific in uptake within the cells and contain elemental properties particularly nourishing to the body. So, if you are eating "real" food and digesting properly, if your body pH is balanced, and your water stores are saturating every body cell, then all food is cell food. If a company has created a vitamin supplement to feed the cells, then they have a "freeze-dried" food full of vitamins to supply a more potent and deliverable food source to the body cells. I don't see anything wrong with this concept, but it can be done, and should be done, naturally through eating 75% raw foods with each meal and properly digesting.

Make sense? I think trying to prove this in the lab is a redundant issue - it should be proven easily with very basic science. So, I agree that the "marketing" depts. of the large profitable mass-marketing food suppliers would rather sell a cheap product than an expensive high-quality food that keeps everyone full, healthy, and happy. The micro-algae are not cheap, but they are powerfully good.

Wow, a long-winded reply. Great question, though. I hope I did it justice!

Janet Hull


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: vaccinations - to get them or not to get them?

Q: I have a question about vaccinations. My son is about to turn 4 (August) and will be getting shots at that visit. He has had some speech problems, and my Mom thinks it is due to him getting shots. Well I am very nervous about him getting MORE shots at his next well check. I am worried it will set him back again; he has made a lot of progress in his speech. With the help of a speech therapist and his Daddy working with him. I've heard there are ways to legally get out of getting their shots, I'm wondering what your opinion/advice is on this matter. Are there such things as vaccines with no mercury, and are they any better? Thank you

A: Good question and a hard decision these days. Several decades ago, vaccinations were more homeopathic and were the 'real thing.' Now, they are a moneymaking business, first, and prevention second. They are now replete with fillers to stretch profit and to force the body into circulating the vaccine rather than reject it.

I would tell your doctor you are connecting the speech difficulties with his inoculations and if your son gets worse, he may be held liable. This should make him think a bit. Then, I would request a MSDS sheet on all ingredients within the shot, requesting a pure inoculation. The doctor will make less profit off a more expensive vaccine, but let's hope quality vaccines are still available.

Another suggestion: have your son get the inoculation in two one-half doses at two separate times, which may help his body react safer.

If you choose not to have his shots completed, then you will have a battle with the public schools, but not most private schools. You can, however, have a doctor write a note that your son is in danger of adverse reactions to the completion of his inoculations, and this will permit him into the public schools without completing them. This former FDA doctor is a point of contact for opting out of the inoculations: Dr. Horowitz 1-888-508-4787.

Good luck and all the best to the little one.

Janet Hull


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Mold

Q: I need some assistance about our family exposure education to a toxic mold.

A: Mold is a living microorganism that must be removed from its physical source in your house or at work before you can begin to remove it from the body. It may be expensive, but you must remove it and repair the damage to the building it is growing in. Then it is critical to detox for as long as the symptoms remain, but you can remove the mold from within the body using the detox program, as many people have done.

The digestive enzymes are important as they "digest" the protein from the mold. The niacin is important as it removes it from your bloodstream. The vitamin C is important to remove the mold from your water stores exposed to each cell of the body.

I would order the 10 Steps to Detoxification eBook and follow it like a workbook and manual.

1) Remove the source
2) Detox the body

This should make a huge difference.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any more questions.

Janet Hull


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: pregnenolone

Q: I have been studying up on pregnenolone and am considering taking the natural kind produced by Dr. Young of Young Essential Oils. I had a stem cell transplant in June due to stage 3 multiple myelomas. I seem to be recovering nicely from that, but have some neuropathy and apparently some arthritis in my fingers and weakness in my legs. I had two outbreaks of shingles prior to my detox program. I am doing the detox program using Young Essential Oils products currently. I have good communication with my open-minded oncologist and also have a board-certified MD friend who is acting as my "wellness coach" (my idea) to monitor my supplements, and other my non-medical health endeavors (yoga, etc.) Since your article mentions pregnenolone, I would appreciate your input on the use of pregnenolone in my particular situation.

I had been healthy most of my adult life until after menopause. It was after menopause that I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I am 58. My accupuncturist, as well as my "wellness coach" mentioned hormones might be therapeutic. I have never taken HRT as it was against my better judgment when my gynecologist tried to press HRT on me. My blood counts are normal at this point and my IgM protein is now a normal 48, down from 4800. I would also appreciate your opinion on essential oils. I have been using them for about one week now. Thank you.

A: Well, this can be tricky. Since pregnenolone is converted from cholesterol into progesterone, all the estrogens, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol, I am not sure if all of these hormones should be elevated, as some of the estrogens can stimulate cancer. I think it would be prudent to have a hormone test done to see what these levels are before you increase all of them. You might just need progesterone only, which is the common hormone low in a cancerous situation. Plus, you might have a toxin at the base of your cancer, as I have seen most bone/bone marrow cancers rooted to parasites. The threat of it returning may not go away if you do not detox any and all possible causes. This will secure complete recovery.

I hope this helps. Let me know what you decide to do.

Wishing you well,

Janet Hull

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