March 2011 Issue


This month's Healthy Newsletter comes with condolences to those who lost their loved ones in the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The Earth is going through some healthy changes right now, and although our modern societies view these changes as natural disasters destroying our cities and nuclear energy resources, we... Continue Reading

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Healthy Feedback

Dr. Hull, Thank you so much for all your great information on the web about how to detox from the radiation coming from Japan. I have ordered the French Green clay that you recommended and I got it in two days! It is the softest and purest clay I have... Continue Reading

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French Green Clay For Detoxing Radiation

The radiation circulating the planet is moving across many borders; it is impacting plants and animals in different countries, moving over miles of oceans, over islands, and crossing national boundaries. An important point to remember is that all people and every animal must find a way to detox from these... Continue Reading

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Detox Case History From Latvia

Dear Dr Hull, Be sure to use my comments in your Healthy Newsletter if it helps other people. Please check and correct my grammar and medical terms so your readers can understand me clearly since I am from Latvia and my English isn't perfect. There is a lot of information... Continue Reading

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Easy and Efficient Ways to Neutralize Acid

It is very common today to be over acidic, and over time, acidosis can become a threatening condition that weakens all body systems and the environment. Too much acidity gives rise to disease as opposed to a pH-balanced environment that allows normal function necessary to resist disease. The foods that... Continue Reading

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Q & A With Dr. Hull

Detoxing from Radiation Q: I live in California, and I am afraid of radiation poisoning from the Japanese nuclear fallout. Should I do the hair analysis before detoxing, or detox first? A: It is always good to do the hair analysis first so you know what you are detoxing. It's... Continue Reading

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Did You Know - About French Green Clay?

French Green clay is the only clay approved for food use by the Conseil Superieur d'Hygiene de France. (French National Health Superior Counsel) MANY people around the world have been ingesting natural clays for centuries to maintain general health and for detox purposes. French Green clay is safe for your... Continue Reading

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Healthy Recipes

March's Healthy Recipes are made with cilantro: Spicy Salsa and Cilantro Pesto Quesadillas w/Mango Corn Salsa. Cilantro is a natural detoxifier and can help remove heavy metals and radiation from your body. Spicy Salsa Ingredients: 16 oz whole tomatoes (canned or fresh) 1 small green pepper, chopped 1/3 cup mild... Continue Reading

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Cancer causing chemicals in cola

From Natural News: Cancer causing chemicals found in cola coloring ingredient. Apparently the "caramel coloring" used to color regular and diet colas isn't natural coloring. Surprised? Instead of using natural ingredients, cola colorings are made from chemical compounds that mix sugars with ammonia and sulfites at high temperatures. Combine these... Continue Reading

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