What is a Hair Analysis?

Put on your lab coat because I'm going to show you exactly what a hair analysis is, and what nutrients and toxic levels the hair analysis identifies.

The hair analysis identifies the root of illness. But, the key to a good hair analysis is in the interpretation - a lost art amid traditional medicine, yet a critical step in disease identification, and recovery. Instead of guessing WHY you are ill, research all that you can to determine THE CAUSES creating the EFFECT.

If you have been diagnosed with a "new" disease syndrome with no known cause or cure, or if you have chronic health symptoms that your doctor cannot identify using traditional lab tests, then having a hair analysis done is an excellent idea. The hair analysis is used to determine the cause of death in forensic medicine, so I believe that it is just as vital a tool in determining the CAUSE of illness in the living.

How I used my Hair Analysis Program to save my own health.

I've walked the walk!

I used the hair analysis to cure myself of a misdiagnosis of Grave's Disease in 1991. After I identified the cause of my disease as aspartame poisoning, the hair analysis showed me EXACTLY WHAT I needed to do to restore my health. Instead of guessing at WHY I was deathly ill, and instead of guessing at HOW to restore my health, I used the hair analysis as a tool to guide me. The hair analysis was a ROAD MAP to what my body needed to repair the damage from aspartame toxicity. It worked - I cured myself in one month. I had been told that my disease could be fatal, and that Grave's Disease cannot be cured. The hair analysis helped me prove my doctors wrong. And now I use my experience to help others.

I have been using the hair analysis testing in nutritional counseling for 20 years. I have used the same lab, and have perfected the process over the years. Based on my personal illness and recovery, and using my academic background as an environmental toxicologist, I have a very unique approach to the hair analysis.

The patient health submission form is an important tool for me, allowing me to really dig deep into your hair analysis interpretation. I ask a variety of important health questions which help me connect your past health history with your current health symptoms.

The hair analysis provides important information, which, in conjunction with your health symptoms of concern, your medical history, dietary habits, and other personal information, can help you identify negative, unforeseen sources of illness.

Research shows that hair levels of specific elements, particularly toxic elements, correlate with pathological disorders. For such elements, levels in the hair provide a better indication of body stores than the levels in your blood or in unprovoked urine specimens.

Hair has the advantage of long-term memory. It's a permanent record, like tree rings. Hair is an excretory tissue for essential, nonessential, and potentially toxic elements. As hair is formed in the follicle, elements inside the body are incorporated into the hair proteins with no further exchange with any other body tissues. The amount of an element incorporated into growing hair is proportional to the level of that element in your body. So your hair provides an indirect screening for physiological excess, deficiencies, or maldistribution of elements inside the body.

Head hair grows at a rate of about one-half inch in a month, so a three-inch strand of human hair will give a six-month history of what's going on in your body.

A sample of hair sent to the laboratory for analysis will show levels of potentially toxic elements, and levels of essential elements that are necessary for normal body function.

What does the Hair Analysis Show?

My lab's hair analysis shows 22 of the most important body nutrients responsible for healthy body function, such as:

  • Calcium
  • Lithium, and
  • Potassium

Hair calcium levels have been correlated with nutritional intake, several disease syndromes, and metabolic disorders. It is the most abundant element in the human body; contained in the skeletal system, involved in muscle contraction, the nervous system, and in hormone secretion, calcium responds to the immune system.

At low levels, lithium is essential in humans. Lithium is used throughout the central nervous system and interacts with a number of neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain, aiding in escalating serotonin synthesis. Naturally maintained lithium levels help relieve stress and anxiety, phobias, and bipolar tendencies. The majority of people using aspartame and chemical sweeteners are low in lithium. Do you know what your lithium levels are?

Potassium levels in the hair do not reflect your dietary intake of potassium as much as they pertain to adrenal function and electrolyte balance. Potassium IS an electrolyte, and potassium deficiencies can cause muscle weakness, fatigue, and tachycardia.

The hair analysis also shows 17 toxic element levels, including heavy metals, such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Mercury, and
  • Uranium

The level of aluminum in the hair is a reliable indicator that this element is inside your body. Aluminum disrupts protein synthesis, and is commonly elevated in children and adults with behavioral/learning disorders such as ADD/ADHD, and autism.

Mercury is an extremely toxic element, and low selenium levels are commonly found in people with high levels of mercury. Selenium, also tested in the hair analysis, is a very important essential element due to its antioxidant function. It has a protective capability to bind and "inactivate" mercury.

The levels of uranium in the hair usually reflect the levels in other tissues. Interestingly, 97% of my clients from California, Nevada, and Arizona are high in uranium.

Anyone can have a hair analysis done. I have a passion for pediatric nutrition, and even infants can have the hair analysis done, if they have enough hair, that is. I do the hair analysis for people all over the world, for young and old. I do the hair analysis for animals, too; from racehorses to the family pet. Get started with my hair analysis program today!

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