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Q: Hi. My daughter and I are concern about the acesulfame-k in the product FITLINE. The people selling it say it's too little to worry about. Please advise. Regards, from Australia.

A: Ace-K is made with methylene chloride used as a solvent to make the sweetener. Methylene chloride is a carcinogen. I would not use it or any chemical sweetener, ever. Use the natural sweeteners, or just don't add any extra sweetness at all. Use the products with stevia or pure cane sugar, and if the product doesn't have good additives, then don't buy them, period.

Hair Loss

Q: Dear Dr Hull, for the past 15 months my spouse has been losing her hair at a faster than normal rate.

We live in Brazil where the food is good except for the package junk in the supermarkets. We eat a lot of fruit, veggies, meat and fish. I consider our diet good.

We use only cane sugar, honey and stevia to sweeten with.

I would like to know if you would possibly determine why her hair is falling out using your hair analysis? She has not been able to find out from local MDs.

Looking forward to your reply. Best regards.

A: Many people email asking for help with rapid and sudden hair loss. Yes, the hair analysis will provide some specifics for you and your wife; it is so much better to know what's inside the tissues than guessing what is at the root of this common issue.

Your diet sounds wonderful, so I will look for toxic metals and nutrient deficiencies at the root of this.

I think this is a wise route for your wife to take, and again, I have many people coming to me with hair loss concerns.

French Green Clay, Natural Skin Care and Makeup

Q: I saw on another site for the French Green Clay that said it's very good for detoxing the skin. I've recently started switching over to truly all-natural and as chemically-free skin care as possible, and am wondering if detoxing the skin is necessary? If so, is it better to put the clay ON the skin or detox from within?

The only experience I've had with detoxing was not a pleasant one, and the only thing I've done to detox since that time is drinking warm water with fresh lemon in it. I would appreciate any advice concerning this and any recommendations you might have for all natural skin care and makeup.

A: Great questions, BTW. In the USA, we use clays as external skin cleansers and facial masks more than using them for internal cleansing. Some clays harden and cast, like bentonite clay, and I do NOT recommend ingesting these types of clays. But for the clays that powder when dry, like the FGC, they have been used internally for centuries in Europe.

So, the FGC is good to use both internally and externally.

If skin issues are present, and if you have had a negative reaction to detoxing in the past, more than likely you do have toxins within you that you are stirring up as you detox your skin. This typically creates a temporary worsening of symptoms as they come out of you.

I suggest doing a hair analysis, especially if you think toxins may be inside of you; no use in guessing and trying to detox something that remains a mystery. Determine for sure what is at the root of your skin concerns, and then I can design a detox to target that, once and for all.

Drinking lemon water is great, but I do suggest charting your body pH just to make sure it's the right thing to continue for your body. If you have yeast, bacteria, or fungus present, or metals such as mercury, cadmium, copper, lead, or even arsenic inside of you, it will take more than the lemon juice to get them out of you.

Always, wishing you the best in health.

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