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If My Calcium Is High on the Hair Analysis, Why Do You Recommend I Take More Calcium?

Q: My calcium is so high, it's off the chart, why would I want to take more calcium? I've read that by taking magnesium only, it would cause the calcium to assimilate in my body.

A: Once the body has had one pass at assimilating what you have just eaten or consumed in a supplement, it cannot, and WILL NOT capture it and use it after digestion (around 45 minutes of taking in the calcium). If it hasn't used it upon digestion, it puts it out for elimination as being useless or not needed at that time.

So, the body cannot go back and "find" the calcium floating around outside of the bone and drag it back into the bone. Obviously because your levels were high on the hair analysis, your body isn't using the calcium you are taking in, and your bones are dumping it out - and a lot of it is dumping into your hair. This indicates that your bones, teeth and gums are not keeping the calcium that you are feeding yourself.

Q: What you say makes sense. From what I read, my joints and muscle have calcium deposits due to the fact that low magnesium is not letting the calcium be absorbed properly, and that taking magnesium would get rid of these deposits. Is taking more magnesium the solution?

A: By taking more magnesium, are you hoping that what is excreting will re-assimilate or help the calcium you are currently taking to process better? It doesn't appear this solution is working. The calcium/magnesium ratio is off, and you are taking the wrong form of calcium. It is important to match apples to apples here, and take a 1:1 ratio of 1,000 mg magnesium to 1,000 mg calcium, or 800 mg magnesium to 800 mg calcium, and so on.

Your levels are high not because you are taking too much calcium, but because the body can't process what you are taking and keep it inside you - simply switch products and go to a 1:1 ratio and also take the other bone nutrients, like strontium, boron, and silica.


Jarrow has a good product called Bone-Up and the NOW Company has a lesser priced vitamin (same quality) called Bone-Strength. I take our lab's Perfect Calcium® and our Trace Mineral Complex to make sure I am getting all the doo-dahs the bones need, even at the trace levels; the mix is more properly proportioned and the forms are more naturally absorbed. But also, a key to retaining your calcium is to improve stomach digestion so the nutrients break apart in the tummy and then get carried to the bone and remain there.

Read all the ingredients in those products I recommended, and then decide which you think is more balanced.

Does this help?

Detoxing During Pregnancy

Q: Hello Dr. Hull. Would you recommend taking the French Green Clay and the Omnizyme when pregnant? I know my mercury and lead levels are still high.

A: That's a tough question because I do recommend being as cautious as possible when pregnant. What toxins do you feel are circulating in your blood that will penetrate into the placenta? This is the place to start considering that you could activate the toxins, as they will circulate. The FGC itself is NOT toxic, but the toxins that it pulls out of you ARE!

The niacin is healthy and found in foods in small doses of 50 - 100 mg, as it is simply B3 found in grains, seeds and nuts. B3 will help move toxins out of the blood.

It might be prudent to wait and begin detoxing during breastfeeding, as then you will also detox the baby, naturally, through your milk. If the baby did pick up toxins in your blood, then detoxing while breastfeeding will clean those up.

I hope this helps you decide what to do. I would err on the side of caution.

The best in health.

Can Toxins Cause Pain?

Q: I am in a lot of pain, my feet especially, but also various muscles and joints. The pain is not always in the same place. Some days it's the top of my feet, some days the side of my foot or the sole of my foot.

I am in pain to the point of crying--a lot! Please tell me...could toxins in my body cause this?

Thank you.

A: Toxins and calcium crystals moving around can cause this, or the blend of the two. Adjusting your body pH to around 6.4 will help, digestive enzymes and the FGC will help, and feeding the bone with the proper blend of bone nutrients will help.

Try drinking apple cider vinegar (1 teaspoon in 1 cup water) daily and see if this will dissolve these calcium pockets and the detox will then flush them out of your body.

Think about this: if unassimilated calcium is all the way down to your feet, how do you think the crystals will get out of your body? You must dissolve them and then help your sweat and body circulation push the dissolved calcium solution out of you. When these crystals try to come out of the urine, kidney stones and bladder, pain results. Makes sense, doesn't it? And a foot massage will be of great importance to break these deposits apart.

So it is important to take the proper Detox nutrients that help get them out easier, and the niacin will do this by opening and cleansing the pores. Take hot baths or a sauna, sweat when gardening or exercising. Sweating is very important to detox through the skin.

Detox Question

Q: Do I stop taking my supplements while I am on the detox?

A: Oh no -keep taking your supplements to replace the space where the toxins have been "sitting" inside you. Remove the bad and immediately replace with the good - forever.....

All The Best In Health,

Janet Hull

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