Eat Like A Child

The other day, my editor and I were eating at a French restaurant. I noticed a mother and her young daughter (about six years old, I presumed) dining at a nearby table. I was impressed that the mother chose a quality restaurant to take her young daughter to, as opposed to taking her to a fast food chain most kids sulk to go to. Then I started watching the little one eat her lunch.

She was eating a turkey sandwich on a fresh baked 7-grain roll, packed with lettuce and tomatoes and garnished with orange slices. There were no French fries, no cola (she was drinking a glass of water with a lemon wedge floating in it), and no white bread smothered with some sort of secret sauce.

Then I noticed something very interesting, and proceeded to watch the little girl eat her lunch, trying NOT to look like I was staring. The young girl took the top piece of bread off of the sandwich and placed it carefully off to the side. She then reached over her glass plate and ate the orange slice, peel and all. After that, she proceeded to pick the meat and veggies from her sandwich and eat those in small nibbles. She laughed and chatted with her mother as she slowly fingered her meal, piece by piece. She picked out pieces of her bread with her fingertips, slowly eating the whole grains in tiny wheat balls and popping them into her smiling mouth like popcorn. When they finished their lunch, she had eaten the freshest food selections, leaving the majority of the bread.

I was totally entertained, to say the least, and highly impressed that the instincts of this young child (and good parenting and mentoring from her mother), are what eating is really all about.

We should eat to live, not live to eat!

This innocent, and very well behaved child, reminded me that the human instinct of basic survival really does make healthy eating habits important for human beings. Children that have not been exposed to the mass marketing of junk foods (filled with fake chemicals) will activate their natural instincts to provide their bodies with fresh foods that secure survival. They will select healthy foods to feed their minds and bodies. Natural foods void of fake fats, chemical sugar substitutes, toxic food colorings, and unnecessary fake fillers typically make you feel bad - they result in indigestion, bloating, headaches, body aches, and irritability. Healthy foods make you feel good. Children are innocent enough to know this by instinct! Adults need to eat like a child.

I have chosen an excerpt from my book, The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet, to make a point here. Good nutrition is simple. Basic nutrition doesn't need to be as complicated as food manufacturers and crafty advertisers make it out to be. Fat-free this and sugar-free that, low-carb this and no-carb that...This is NOT simple nutrition. (Sorry, but popping a meal in the microwave is simple, I know, but its nutritional value is arguable.)

We human animals have wandered far from the common sense of eating; especially modern-day adults and children. The old nutrition books from years ago are great to read because they kept nutrition simple; they kept health simple. My grandparents lived in their own home until they were over 100 years old. Over 82 years of marriage, they ate fresh churned butter, drank organic whole milk, enjoyed homemade biscuits with the butter that was fresh churned, used natural honey, drank strained natural teas and coffee, had daily deserts with unprocessed sugars, and grandmommy cooked with lard. They worked in the garden, they walked more than they drove (They had one of the first Model Ts and one of the first telephones - I just threw that in for FYI.), they watched television only at night (plus one afternoon soap opera), they drank no alcohol, ate no artificial food products or diet sweeteners, and drank well water. They were NEVER sick, and they peacefully died at home of old age at 101 and 102 years, respectively.

Diseases have plagued mankind for centuries. In the 1940s, diseases were directly traced to the lack of one or more vitamins in the diet; not to the multitude of artificial, manmade chemicals polluting our foods and our bodies. All vitamins contribute to health and general wellbeing. Each vitamin functions in a highly specialized way to secure human health, a natural miracle. The complications of modern nourishment have set aside the simple basics of yesteryear. Food has become more complicated, and disease has become equally as complicated.

Morale Food

Generally when I'm researching a book, I seek out the oldest, most prized books I can find because they are replete with "wisdom from the ages." Flipping the worn and stained pages of a nutrition cookbook my mom had in her kitchen since the 1940s, I abruptly stopped turning when the words "Morale Food" caught my eye. "Morale Food?" Oh, this information is going to be good....

Foods that promote a feeling of general well being and increased vigor were called "morale foods" 60+ years ago. "Naturally, vitamins are found in foods in minute amounts," I read, "but they influence vital body processes in enormous ways. Vitamin rich foods can promote a positive mental attitude."

Now there's a simple thought, but one that isn't emphasized enough these days! Human bodies operate the same today as they did 10,000 years ago, but our foods and diseases aren't the same. Here is a connection to the cause of many diseases.

At least nine vitamins are crucial to human nutrition, but if your diet provides merely vitamins A, B, (especially B1), C, and G (riboflavin, more modernly referred to as B2) chances are the other vitamins will be found in adequate amounts in the same food sources. Are these vitamins in natural foods, like the little girl selected at the restaurant? YES! Do these natural vitamins remain after food processing and manufacturing? NO! Are these vitamins found in diet sweeteners or fake fats? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Eat like a child; follow your instincts for healthy survival. Eat to live - don't live to eat. And by all means, teach your children the basic natural, nutrition habits to secure that they live long and healthy lives.

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