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No Gall Bladder

Q: Are there any contraindications with doing a colon/liver cleanse using an all-natural, mild product? I heard that you are not supposed to do this cleanse if you've had your gall bladder removed. What would be the significance of that, anyway?

A: Good question, especially because you have no gall bladder. Cleanses are always a good thing to do, but make sure the product you choose is pure with no hidden additives. Even some health food products contain sucralose and artificial chemicals, like titanium.

Because you have no gall bladder, you will want to use any cleanse conservatively. I suggest halving the recommended dose on any cleanses. You asked about the importance of still doing a gall bladder cleanse? Well, if you haven't significantly changed your diet, then bile, fat, cholesterol, etc. will now accumulate and build toxins and fat within the scar tissue. Your body doesn't know the gall bladder is gone, so it's operating like it's still there. So, a liver cleanse is a good thing for you to do once or twice a year.

I recommend a product called ADA specifically created for this purpose. The inventor originally was looking for a good thyroid cleanse, but discovered he had stumbled upon an excellent liver cleanse. It works so well, it removes fatty tissues, lowers BP and cholesterol, and commonly results in weight loss for most people. I recommend using the product on-going in your particular case. Their website is www.verifound.com.

Also, Empirical Labs (the lab we use) has a good colon cleanse and liver cleanse. You can contact my office or search JanetHull.com for more info on these cleanses. I typically cleanse my liver and gall bladder twice every year.

Hope this helps.

Swing With Niacin

Q: I know you have already answered for me a ton of questions about flushing, but I still am not 100% sure about it. When I feel a flush sometimes it isn't until an hour later after I have taken it. Does this mean I should up my intake until it is a flush right away or what? Sorry to bug you about this, but it just seems to be the thing I have the most difficulty getting a grasp on out of everything in the detox. Thanks in advance!!!!

A: That's what I'm here for - to help. Remember what I wrote about detoxing in layers? Detoxing is like peeling the layers off an onion, one layer at a time. Well, toxins deposit in layers, and you remove them in the reverse order they deposited, one layer at a time. This is what creates the niacin burn, but sometimes you do not burn. It depends upon the layers of toxins you are removing.

When toxins are lower than your niacin mg intake, then you'll feel a burn. But, if your toxins are layered in somewhat impenetrable layers, then you may need to charge up the niacin, so to speak, so it can break through those layers. Once it has broken through, you'll feel the flush and can then decrease the mg. So, it's a swing-thing - your niacin demands may swing up and down, dependent on the layers of toxins.

Parkinson's Caused By Aspartame
Aspartame Case History

City: Hamilton Ontario Canada
Age: 85
Sex: Male
Aspartame Consumption: approx 1982

Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes

Diet Products Used: diet soda, sugar-free powdered packets
Do you use Equal: Yes
Do your children use aspartame: No

Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free: No

May we include your case history on website: Yes
Do you want your information anonymous: Yes

Q: Comments: They say I have Parkinson's disease. Could this stuff be a factor?

Referred by other: email from a friend
Submit: Submit

A: Any time disease is diagnosed and aspartame is used, it is always a possible cause of that disease. The way to know for sure is to remove the aspartame and ALL diet sweeteners, ALL food chemicals (and I know this is hard with modern foods), but typically your health symptoms will also disappear. Doctors call this "remission", but it is merely removing the cause of the symptoms. Before you begin taking medications that may or may not help you, remove the aspartame and see if those symptoms get better or completely disappear. And when they do disappear - believe it!

Good luck with this.

Why Do We Still Use Aspartame?

Q: Hi. I found these mints at the store. They were in a cool tin so I bought them, and I was reading the ingredients. They are X-it mints and contain aspartame and phenylalanine. Do they contain enough to do damage and if so, then why do they sell them in the stores?

A: Yes they contain aspartame, and slowly sucking on the chemical can create health problems. They have continued to sell aspartame because it brings in multi-billions of dollars, and it addicts people. People keep spending their money on these fake food products because they are convinced that if they use regular sugar, they will get fat. (Don't you think this, too?) So, it's been a "fad/craze" that hopefully one day, more advanced societies will look back on as another "idiotic" human mistake -similar to how we used to x-ray babies in the womb back in the 1940s and 1950s!! Time to wake up to another ignorant and harmful human "idea."

Glad you discovered this - it may save you from future headaches, stress, weight gain and disease.

All the best in health.

Janet Hull

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