Beware Of Flavored Waters

One of my son's friends came over to my office the other day after she finished working out at the gym. She was complaining of a headache that she was getting shortly after her spin class, and she wanted to know if I had some advice for her. She was ready to stop the class because these headaches occurred only after those regular exercise times.

She was sipping on a bottle of flavored water.

I asked to see the bottle, and inquired why she was drinking this particular flavored water as opposed to pure spring water. She confessed that she has a hard time drinking enough water every day, and the flavored water tastes better to her. Plus, she added, the advertisements show fitness experts recommending flavored water while working out because other vitamin waters have more calories, and she would have to do 15 more minutes on the stationary bike to burn those extra calories.

Stop right here! If you are in a fitness program, why drink a chemical fake water product as opposed to a vitamin drink or to pure spring water? If you are trying to stay fit, water with no artificial chemicals, no food colorings and NO corn syrup is the better choice - water, just plain water. Will human beings ever get it? Modern consumers prefer taste to nutrition, but to stay fit, that belief must stop.

As I have written many times before, "advertisers aren't nutritionists." Advertisers are simply trying to make money off you - YOU must use your common sense to avoid the gimmicks that can make you sick. Especially when at the gym.

I grabbed the flavored water bottle from her hand and read her the ingredients:

Fitness Water - Lemon Flavor
16.9oz - 2 servings per bottle

16 calories per 8 fl oz - 25 calories per bottle
Fat 0
Sodium 35 mg, 70 mg
Total Carb 3g, 6 g
Sugars 2g, 4g
Protein 0

Vitamin C 10%, 25%
Vitamin E 10%, 25%
Niacin 25%, 50%
Vitamin B6 25%, 50%
Vitamin B12 4%, 10%
Pantothenic Acid 25%, 50%

"Propel Fitness Water®, created by the makers of Gatorade®, hydrates and nourishes your active body with a splash of fruit flavor and essential vitamins. It contains antioxidant vitamins C and E, along with B vitamins, which aid in energy metabolism as part of a daily diet.

"Ingredients: Water, sucrose from corn syrup, natural lemon flavor with other natural flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, sucralose, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin E acetate, niacinamide (vitamin B3), calcium disodium EDTA (protects freshness), calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5) pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), acesulfame potassium, vitamin B12."

This "fitness water" contains sugar from high fructose corn syrup, MSG (natural flavors), and two artificial chemical sugar substitutes - sucralose (found in Splenda) and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K). This isn't healthy water; it's chemical soup in a water bottle. No wonder Katie gets a headache after a strenuous workout. Her body needs WATER to rehydrate it - natural, pure water. NOT chemical water.

Here is the ingredient list on the glass bottle of pure spring water I happen to be drinking at this very moment:

Pure Mt. Valley Spring Water
Hot Springs National Park, AK
8 oz. - About 2 servings per container

0 calories
Fat 0
Sodium 0 mg
Total Carb 0 g
Sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g
Calcium 2%

Now which of these two waters has fewer calories, which is pure and natural, and which one is better for your health when you workout? My spring water selection, of course.

Remember: advertisers aren't nutritionists. Ask yourself why you can't be satisfied drinking a pure form of water - water is what your body is made of and survives on. Pure spring water is what all animals drink daily to stay alive. Why do you feel you need a chemical water to be healthy and happy? YOU DON'T!

The Glaceau Vitamin Water® products on the market today are not marketed as a "flavored" water for taste as much a way for busy consumers to get the necessary vitamins and minerals they need daily by using drinking water as a vehicle. It's a brilliant idea, actually, and a very successful one. It's a "kill two birds with one stone" kind of thing - vitamins + water, and free of artificial chemicals and fake sweeteners.

If you crave flavor in your water, you have many natural choices. For instance, add lemon, lime, or concentrated cranberry juice to your water. Here's a tip we do at The Hullistic Network: add liquid peppermint flavored chlorophyll to bottled water. Chlorophyll is not only healthy for you, but the peppermint flavor tastes refreshing and leaves your breath smelling great. And chlorophyll balances body weight and your pH balance, is loaded in natural minerals and phytonutrients, and supports healthy blood. Calories: 0. Artificial colors and flavorings: none. Chemical sweeteners: 0, nada, zippo, ningunos, neun.

Beware of flavored waters; choose health and fitness over taste. Make the healthy choice.

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