The 10-Step Detoxification Program

If you have been using aspartame, or any food chemical for that matter, the toxic by-products used in the manufacturing of these chemical foods may have accumulated inside your body. I recommend a thorough detoxification program to remove chemical food toxins and to restore the nutrients an artificial diet depletes.

My 10 Steps To Detoxification Program is a detox program I created to cure myself of a near-fatal thyroid disorder caused by aspartame. The program is in essence a lifestyle change, but easy to use, has little to no side-effects, is safe for children, and a program you can adopt for a lifetime of cleansing toxins and chemicals you may be exposed to, with or without your awareness.

Step One
Identify and remove the cause of your health symptoms. Specifically, remove all sugar-free products with aspartame from your diet immediately.

Read the labels on everything you buy before you leave the grocery store. Before The NutraSweet Company went off patent, all aspartame was found in NutraSweet products with the swirl on the front label. Today, aspartame is found in products manufactured by other companies, and aspartame is found in products that are not even sugar free. A lot of people ask, "Why would they put aspartame in products WITH sugar?" Well, the companies make more money, and the products are even sweeter without the additional calories, so they hope you will continue buying their product. And food manufacturers want children to grow up with a desire for sweeter and sweeter food tastes with - supposedly - no caloric penalties.

I tell people to look for their weak link, which is usually a genetic weakness. This is where toxins within your body will be 'noticed' first because this is the weakest part of your physical make-up. Toxins like aspartame will absorb within your weakest link first, breaking it down easier. By removing all aspartame from your diet, you can focus on strengthening your weaknesses rather than tearing them down.

Step Two
Learn to read your body, and begin recording any health changes.

Do you remember the last time you really felt good? Think about when you first started feeling bad and when the first health symptoms occurred. Go backwards in time day by day, month by month, or year by year until you can stop at the point when you started feeling sick. This is where you start over. You may have been through a tough emotional time, or you might have been very ill with a high fever. But were you drinking diet colas and dropping Equal into your coffee? So, pick up where you got off track and start over at that point.

Once you have removed all aspartame from your diet, and remember to read all your labels for hidden aspartame, begin to notice if your health symptoms disappear. A woman in Texas who drank diet colas for many years, e-mailed me with her story. For the past nine years, she had been sick. She began having seizures, sporadically at first and small in impact. Then they progressed more often and more intensely. Over a six-month period, she was having two seizures a day. She lost her memory during the seizures, and they effected her work. In and out of doctor's offices, no one could find anything wrong with her. Sound familiar?

Desperate to find answers her doctors could not give her, she read Sweet Poison and got off the aspartame. Within three days, her recurring seizures stopped. If she accidentally got into hidden aspartame in any form, she would have another seizure. The medication her doctors prescribed for her began to cause seizures, too. Now aspartame free, having detoxed and continuously supplementing with the specific vitamins and nutrients I specified just for her needs, she no longer needs the medications. Her doctors thought she was crazy to get off the prescribed medicine, as that was the only answer they had to her unexplained seizures.

Aspartame free and seizure free, this young woman restored her health day by day. She noticed that not only were her seizures gone, but she was able to sleep throughout the night for the first time in years, her hair, skin, and nails returned to normal, her mood swings were gone, her weight dropped and her energy level increased. Her memory is now sharper, and her sexual desires returned.

Take the time to read your body. Learn your limits, but notice if you have more energy when off aspartame, or if you sleep better and have better dreams. Note if you look and feel younger. Do you have more vigor and are you in better control of your life? Give yourself credit - you can control your life again, the natural way.

Step Three
Get a hair analysis.

As I discovered through my personal disease recovery, I couldn't fight what I couldn't see. It wasn't probable I would cure my disease if no one knew the cause. The hair analysis is the best 'road map' to see a history of what's going on inside of the body. Drug and chemical residues within the body remain embedded in the protein of the hair as it grows. Drugs such as cocaine and heroin will not be detected in urine a few days after use, yet these drugs will show up in a hair analysis months later. Hair has the advantage of long-term memory. It's a permanent record, like tree rings. A three-inch strand of hair will give a six-month history of what's going on in the body since head hair grows at a rate of about a half an inch a month.

With a background in environmental engineering, I could not make an accurate decision on how to clean up a toxic spill without performing a soil or water analysis of the polluted area. So it is with a hair analysis - the hair provides the best clue into what is within the body. Many traditional medical doctors criticize the hair analysis as not being a respected diagnostic test for human beings measuring up to blood tests, urine tests, MRIs or CAT scans. But I believe their protests are sourced to their lack of nutritional education and background. The key to any good lab analysis lies in its interpretation, and without a thorough background into the sources of disease, lab tests are less effective in long-term healing. You witness this when you go to the doctor with wailing health symptoms, yet they have no answers nor can help you when the lab results show that there's nothing there.

You can contact me for information on having a hair analysis performed at

Step Four
Be happy with yourself.

Ask yourself WHY you are using sugar-free diet products in the first place? When did you begin changing your diet to an artificial chemical one? Are you diabetic? Do you give sugar-free foods to your children because you think keeping them off sugar is better for them?

These are important questions to ask yourself. At some point, everyone who depends on a chemical diet to solve their nutritional needs must have some sense of reason whispering in their ear that artificial diets AREN'T really healthy in the long run. You know that! If you are diabetic, there are natural diets and alternative sugar substitutes other than aspartame available on the market. If your children are hyperactive, research the amount of fats in their diets, food colorings and other chemicals they are exposed to, and determine if they are getting enough exercise. If you want to lose weight, how much exercise and rest do you really get each day? What underlying issue may be keeping you from good rationale?

Back up a little and start over on how you look at taking care of yourself. Your body is a tool, and like any instrument needed to complete a task, you must maintain that tool properly to keep it functioning. Your body is your precious vehicle in this lifetime. Maintenance it well, and be happy with how you're packaged. Do all you can do to protect your health by eating a natural and balanced diet. This gives the body a variety of nutrients that fuel the various requirements it has to keep working for you. What goes in to your body must be used to it's fullest potential to secure long-term health and wellness.

Step Five
Detoxify your body.

Just as an oil spill pollutes the ocean killing the sea life within, chemicals within your body pollute you and kill healthy cells. Cleaning your body of toxic foods is no different than restoring a polluted stream. The Aspartame Detoxification Program is a combination of the finest vitamin supplements from around the world orchestrating the perfect tools to remove environmental and food toxins. Detoxify your body with French Green Clay, ascorbic acid not from corn, digestive enzymes, and B3 Niacin. You'll feel it work. Compliment the supplements with a whole foods diet as pure as possible, and minimize buying packaged food products with ingredient lists that resemble a chemistry book.

Step Six
Restore depleted nutrients.

When you walk into a vitamin store, there are thousands of bottles on the shelf and out of all those choices, how do you know what you really need? The hair analysis specifies exactly which nutrients you are depleted in, and those are the vitamins to buy first for your special needs. Some vitamins are a low quality these days, and may contain toxic metals as fillers and have coatings that are hard for the stomach to digest. If you have to break your vitamins with a hammer, they are not a quality product. Natural supplements should be breakable with a slight snap between your fingers.

Food provides the basic needs to furnish energy for daily activities. Just as a machine burns gasoline or coal for fuel, the human body burns food for fuel. It's as simple as that. A machine converts its fuel into other forms of energy; the human body converts its food into body energy. So why eat fake foods filled with chemicals instead of food bursting with natural nutrients? Think about this the next time you see someone sipping a diet cola while eating a fake-fat-free chunky bar for lunch or snack. And they wonder why they feel tired all the time and have health problems?

Tell me what you eat, and I'll tell you what you are. Eating the right foods goes a long way toward radiant health, toward resisting disease, toward securing proper growth for children, and insuring youthful and energetic aging for all.

Step Seven
Exercise and get plenty of rest.

Where you find diet colas, processed fast foods, televisions and computers, you'll find people gaining weight, and at younger and younger ages. Modernized human beings don't move their bodies sufficiently enough. Exercise alone can keep your weight down, yet exercise shouldn't require you join a fancy health spa and dedicate a half a day to an exercise program. It means walking or bicycling instead of taking the car, climbing the stairs instead of riding the elevator, walking the dog after work rather than sitting in front of the tube. Children are running, jumping and playing less and less as today's societies become more intense and technological.

A study from Brown University, USA discovered that 2,500 people who lost an average of sixty pounds and kept it off for a year exercised approximately one hour a day. Another study that compliments the Brown Study found that short bouts of exercise throughout the day were as effective as one long period in maintaining weight loss. And eating natural foods opposed to fake prosthetic foods with no nutrient value is rudiment to a healthy exercise program.

And sleep? Sleep is nature's way of putting yourself to rest while the body's immune system comes to "clean up" like the night-shift cleaning crew. Scientists have determined that after 5:00 p.m. the body is ready to stop eating and start processing what it was fed during the day. It can't do this with a late night meal nor without the body shutting down to rest through sleep. While you are asleep, the body works to repair, cleanse, eliminate all the "leftovers", and strengthen the body organs and organ systems in preparation for the next day. For example, it has been determined that at 11:00 p.m., the liver begins its daily repair and restoration. Each body organ and its supportive body systems take a turn, if you will, so that the immune system can focus on one specific organ at a time. It takes approximately one hour for each organ to be repaired and restored. If you are not asleep, and even worse if you are eating at this time, the body can't do what it needs to do efficiently. So you wake up tired, your organs are not rejuvenated, and you have not eliminated excess body weight or water weight. Your body is now out of balance and expects to take care of this dilemma the following night. And the cycle begins again.

Step Eight

Eat 75 percent raw foods at every meal.

Morale Foods are foods that promote a feeling of general well being and increased vigor, a word used to describe nutrition in the 1940s. Naturally, vitamins are found in foods in minute amounts, but they influence vital body processes in enormous ways. Vitamin rich foods can promote a positive mental attitude, a simple fact, but one that isn't emphasized enough these days.

Basic nutrition doesn't need to be as complicated as food manufacturers and crafty marketing departments make it out to be today. Fat-free this and sugar-free that and all the modern-day food fads and diet crazes are really nothing but a line of marketing bull. Manufactured foods have lost their nutrient content, even though they claim to have "enriched" the foods by putting the vitamins back in after packaging. The required daily amounts of natural vitamins and minerals, amino acids, necessary sugars, fats, and proteins the body demands for fuel cannot be obtained through any source other than raw foods.

Just as nutritious foods can promote a feeling of general well being and increased vigor, a deficiency of vitamins can create an indescribable feeling of being run down and generally results in a lowered resistance to infection, nervousness, fatigue, and poor appetite. A diet of nutritionally void foods such as fat-free, sugar-free, bleached, processed foods can create depression and can increase feelings of stress.

The natural ability your human body possesses to select substances from the foods you eat required to build flesh and blood, bones and teeth, and to regulate the countless processes driving respiration, circulation, metabolism, and digestion is no less a miracle. Give your body what it needs to stay healthy; not sugar-free-fat-free, fake foodstuffs, but at least 75 percent fresh, raw foods bursting with nutrients for every meal.

Step Nine
Drink water, water, and water.

Water. Water is important in keeping the body strong. Two-thirds of the adult human body is water, salt water. Humans drink fresh water, but are 75 percent saline. Simply taste a tear or a bead of sweat for its salt content. This is one reason why humans need to drink a lot of fresh water every day. It keeps the body's salt concentrations low, easing stress on the kidneys. Plus, the average adult eliminates approximately eight cups of water a day by sweating, urinating, crying and spitting. It is essential to replace what is lost. And one thing's for sure, if you've been drinking diet colas or iced tea with Equal all day every day, you have NOT been giving your body enough water. So instead of drinking sodas every day, get into the habit of walking around with a bottle of water - all day long. You'll have more energy, feel better, feel full, and flush toxins from proper urinating.

Step Ten
Get control of your life.

As you recover from aspartame poisoning, your entire life may change as a result. You may experience a refreshed emotional outlook as a positive side effect of your lifestyle changes. I designed this Ten Step Program to facilitate your health and the health of those you love from being seduced by the sugar-free diet craze and the multi-trillion dollar web of pain it has created at your expense. Removing aspartame from your life is merely the first step to total aspartame recovery. As you experience positive physical changes, you may begin a journey of self-empowerment, good health, personal growth, and infinite happiness.

A book I keep close to my side is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Born into a family of healers and raised in rural Mexico, Ruiz was mentored by his mother, a healer, and his grandfather, a shaman. For more than a decade, he has taught the ancient Toltec traditions, blending ancient wisdom with modern-day personal awareness. I respect his work and practice 'The Four Agreements' myself to stay balanced within my daily life. I pass these on to you for personal strength and wisdom.

Be impeccable with your word. As Ruiz writes, speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

Don't take anything personally. Anything others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering.

Don't make assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to expect what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

Always do your best. Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

If you follow this Ten Step Program with willpower and a positive outlook, you life will only get better. But remember - stay away from the sweet poison - aspartame.

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