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The Italian Soffritti aspartame study has received great interest from the American mainstream media since it was formally announced December 2005. Good Morning America aired a short segment on the study with a network medical consultant speaking on the study's behalf. Unfortunately, he was not an aspartame expert, and did not have a grasp on the importance of this issue.

I am disappointed he didn't mention the rise in diabetes, obesity, MS, Parkinson's Disease, migraine headaches, or lack of libido climbing to all time highs in our country since the introduction of aspartame 25 years ago. He also made a comment that rat studies aren't reliable (and they, indeed, used rats in the Italian study). Why, then, do all major corporations base their pharmaceutical research results on rat studies??

If I understood him correctly, (and I was shocked at what I was viewing) he expressed the fact that rat studies work when no negative results show up, but are discounted when they do result in disease (such as cancer) and bodily harm. There were many unanswered questions concerning the adverse affects of aspartame he didn't address well.

Dr. Adrian Gross, the FDA toxicologist who asked to investigate aspartame before its approval in the early 1980s, made it clear in his written reports that the reason rat studies are performed is because they are a precursor to what will happen to the human population. His trepidation was validated. The laboratory rats in GD Searle's aspartame studies developed 12 recorded brain tumors, an "alarming number" according to Dr. Gross and FDA reports. And now, 25 years later, the same kind of brain tumors (astrocytoma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia) resulted in repeated cancer studies.*

Well, at least the "topic" of aspartame finally made it to GMA, but next time, I hope to see the story offer the whole truth about aspartame dangers the public really needs to know.

*Astrocytomas are tumors that arise from brain cells called astrocytes. Astrocytoma brain tumors comprise approximately 20 percent of all childhood malignancies, second only to acute lymphoblastic leukemia in frequency.

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