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To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: How do I regulate my niacin?

Q: I recently purchase your detox book and have started the regiment. I am confused on the niacin. I understand that we keep increasing it until we have an immediate flush, this doesn't mean a flush a few hours later, is that correct? When we do get the immediate flush, we decrease the niacin to how much? I have had a few flushes but not an immediate. Thank you for your time.

A: Good question, Debra, and a common one. The key to niacin is how much is needed in proportion to your toxins present in the blood, and that can be determined by the strength of flush and when you flush. You want to have the correct amount of niacin to toxins - so if you have too little niacin to toxins, you have no flush or a delayed flush. Too much niacin to toxins will create a strong flush within 10 minutes or so of taking it. After you have detoxed and
most toxins are out of the blood, you will require less niacin and will flush quicker. This will be a good average for your daily needs, but occasionally, you may get into a fatty meal, have excess estrogen or fat in the blood, for example, and then need to increase the dose for a couple of days until the toxins are gone again. Then you can go back to the smaller, regular, maintenance dose. I hope this answers your question. Please email again if I can help you further.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: What do I replace diet sodas with?

Q: Anything else you could recommend for a die-hard soda lover such as myself? I love the bubbles and the taste. I once tried seltzer and other carbon-based waters, but *BLAH*, it's horrible. Even after the fizz dies.

A: Try bottled spring water or unsweetened hot or cold herbal teas instead. If you tolerate fruit juice well, you might add a bit of fruit juice to sparkling water. Then decrease the amount of juice gradually. Many people like organic cranberry blend juice with a little lemon juice and carbonated water, or an occasional carbonated water with a little lemon or limejuice.

Remember, the carbonation robs the body of calcium, so enjoy a "sparkling water" drink on occasion to satisfy your "cola" cravings. The best bet - drink bottled water all day, every day. It keeps you hydrated, flushes toxins, and leaves you feeling full.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Xylitol sweetener

Q: I read your newsletters with interest and as a result I no longer use sweeteners. I have recently come across Xylosweet®, a natural sweetener recommended to me by my nutritionist. What are your opinions on this and also on the use of normal table sugar in moderation?

Kind regards

A: This product is made primarily from xylitol, a sugar alcohol, which I consider a grey area sweetener. They can create intestinal issues such as cramping and diarrhea in some people, and not all diabetics can use the sugar alcohols safely. I recommend diabetics who use these sugar alcohols to monitor their blood glucose levels regularly for a few days until they know for sure if the body is accepting it.

But, I'd rather see you use this xylitol product than the blue or yellow sweetener packets, and of course Stevia and natural sugars in the raw are nature's best choices. To answer your question about refined sugars, I feel the
main problem is in using too much, along with the continual daily eating of foods sugar-sweetened with refined white sugar.

I was raised on refined sugar and had no problems because I ate little to no sugary foods except on holidays and special occasions. Never a candy bar, cookies, cakes, or soft drinks. Imagine telling that to a modern-day child.
Here lies the problem!


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Who funds your research?

Q: Is there any way you can publish on your website who funded your research on Splenda and NutraSweet? Was it by any chance Big Daddy Sugar? Thanks.

A: Oh Heavens, WHAT a question!! I fund all of my own research - I am totally independent of any organizations or doctor-groups of any kind. I've always been that way, and plan to stay that way. I have done all this research and hard work based on my past experiences as a college professor, environmental toxicologist and writer. All the money for purchasing websites and domains and all the time I invest writing is out of my own pocket.

So now that answer is published info on your behalf. All the best to you.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Who do I listen to?

Q: What am I to believe? Just this week, I read conflicting reports from what I think are reputable sources - your newsletter and another health/fitness newsletter. Please read the text below or go to this link for the article and help me understand what is fact and what is fiction. I really am serious; I have no hidden agenda and really don't know what to believe. I'd really appreciate a response.


A: Just as if you were in a college classroom listening to your professor present new ideas and facts, you must believe what you know in your heart to be true concerning this "sweetener war" based on all sides of the story you hear or read. Your question is valid, and one that exemplifies the reality that the consumer is the one caught in the middle of the politics and money controlling our food and nourishment.

For those websites and organizations that profess these chemical foods are unsafe for long-term health - ask yourself, "What is their gain? Helping someone? Saving a child from future pain and suffering? Protecting a fetus?"
Then ask yourself what the big corporations have to gain (or loose) - money, power, control, and continued profits?

For me personally, I listen to the warning signs given, but again, I almost died from aspartame (medical documents back that up), so I learned to pay attention to the warnings, but almost too late. Besides, doesn't your common sense tell you food chemicals aren't what humans or any animals were intended to eat?

Look, listen, and learn - then make up your own mind. Hope this offers some insight. All the best to you.

Janet Hull


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