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-At a typical concentration of 20 ppm (milligrams per liter = milligrams per kilogram), a liter of diet soda would release 1.6 mg methanol, enough to trigger migraine headaches and other similar symptoms common to methanol poisoning.

-According to Dr. Reg McDaniel, the human body is able to perform its own "natural" stem cell therapy" when it receives enough glyconutrients. According to Dr. Reg, there are numerous free-floating stem cells in your blood that are available to be assigned to do "stem cell therapy" wherever it is most needed in the body, and they are ACTIVATED and enabled to do their work by glyconutrients.

-According to a report published in last month's issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a new study suggests that chamomile tea - especially the German variety (also called manzanilla) - may relieve a wide variety of health problems, including colds and cramps.

-Chamomile has long been championed as a panacea for all types of low-level illness, stress-related symptoms, and muscle pains. This newest study is among the first to prove such claims in humans (many animal studies have previously confirmed these positive effects).

-If healthy bacteria (a protective factor) are missing within the intestinal wall, unhealthful bacteria, yeast, parasites and toxins may accumulate, damaging the intestinal wall and producing poor intestinal health.

-Your gastrointestinal tract is a "tube" approximately 15 feet long, running through the body from your mouth to the anus.

-As early as 1989 according to EPA records, more than 1 billion pounds of chemicals were released into the ground, threatening the soil where we grow our food and in the groundwater in which we get drinking water. Over 188 million pounds of chemicals were discharged into lakes and rivers. More than 2 billion pounds of chemicals were pumped into the air we breathe. This produces a grand total of over 5 billion pounds of chemical pollutants released into the environment in just that one-year.

-Vitamins A, C, B6, magnesium and potassium are just some of the substances that support kidney activity.

-Excess fat provides a ready storage site for fat-loving toxins, such as methanol in aspartame. Once deposited in the fat, it is difficult to remove them. Unless the excess fat is removed, toxins remain there with the possibility of being a continual source of toxicity.


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