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To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: arsenic poisoning

Q: I think that I might have been poisoned with arsenic four years ago. Is it possible that I can survive this? I was wondering how I might have contracted it, could it be on the vegetables that I washed or where could I have contacted it? My co- worker was a nursing student who noticed an almond smell coming from my breath, and also white lines across my fingernails. When I changed jobs, I noticed the symptoms went away. If I find out this is true, will I have a hard time having children or have kids with birth defects? Or worse? Please let me know. I'm very scared.

A: You should be fine, but we need to determine if you have arsenic inside your body currently before we worry too much.

It sounds as if you were exposed to toxins at this particular time and at that particular location. I suggest doing a hair analysis to see if it accumulated within your body. If it did, we can detox it out of you. I have seen many people do this within weeks of detoxing. You do want to cleanse your body of all toxins before you get pregnant. Most toxic chemicals pass through the placenta and transport to the fetes through your blood.

I suggest doing a hair analysis to see what's in your hair, and reading the detox book in preparation for future pregnancy.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: mercury poisoning

Q: I'm wondering what kind of damage mercury could have had to 3 sisters and myself who actually played with mercury in the early 70s? By playing I mean holding it, rolling it around in our hands, just completely fascinated with this stuff. I still remember it feeling cool, breaking into pieces and us rolling the little balls back together. Depression and anxiety runs through us all but not sure this is the cause. Just curious. Thanks!

A: It could do a lot of damage, technically. If mercury has accumulated in your tissues, it can adversely affect your glands, as I see many men with prostate problems and many women with thyroid problems that are high in mercury.

I would suggest doing a hair analysis to know for sure if mercury is present in your tissues, and then I would get on a scheduled detox.

Good luck.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: I'm confused on taking the niacin

Q: I'm confused on taking the niacin after I flush and cut back to one niacin. Do I take the niacin daily? Thank you.

A: Yes, when you have consistent flushing at one dose, let's say 400 mg, then cut back the next day to 300 or 350 mg. If you don't flush, stay there until you do, or increase again. Then keep going down or stay where you are if you have a consistent slight flush. This is your body's correct amount.

I recommend staying on a low dose of niacin indefinitely four to five times a week. The dose should be where you can feel a tingle, but not the strong flushing. I think this is very healthy for the blood.

I hope everything is going well, and that you have more good days than bad as time progresses. Soon, may you have ALL good days.

Take care.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Is detoxing safe for kids?

Q: I accidentally came across your website and books as I was doing a search for the dangers of ucralose.

Anyway, in regard to detoxing, I've been very interested in doing this for sometime and am wondering how and if it is safe for children. Mine are ages 10 and 4, both girls. What little research I have done on detoxing involves various herbs in the form of capsules that my children can't swallow or liquids that are almost unbearable to me - let alone them!

Before buying your book, if I may ask, what 'method' do you recommend? I appreciate your time.

A: Good questions. It is so important to protect our kids these days, and I think you are wise to keep them in the health loop. Especially if they have had their inoculations, as they are toxic nowadays. Yes, the program is safe for children and actually safe during pregnancy.

I recommend vitamins and supplements in pill or powdered form that can be added to a fruit smoothie. The detox eBook is also informative on old-fashioned eating principles, foods you can eat to detox on a regular basis, some general healthy info I have researched along with the detox program itself. I think, as a mother myself, that it would be informative for you, and you can incorporate from the book what you feel will work for the kids.

Keep up the good work in watching over those babies. That's all we can do these days. Let me know if you have any more questions.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: The Atkins' Diet

Q: From reading your articles, it appears that your diet conflicts with the Atkins' diet. I've tried all sorts of diets and the Atkins' diet is working!!!! What can you suggest?

A: I think Atkins started off with a wonderful concept years ago when our foods weren't as chemically processed as they are today, but his diet has become very commercialized and is not as original as it used to be. I lost faith in his diet when Atkins continued to recommend aspartame. He lost credibility with me at that point. I recommend Suzanne Somer's new diet program, as I think it's more current, it's more for women and our hormone influences with weight gain, and she doesn't recommend chemical artificial sweeteners.

Many of the principles I believe that are behind weight gain, go deeper than carbs. There is a chemical imbalance in the body somewhere, usually hormones, which keeps the body from processing the full food triangle correctly. So, even though Atkins is a good basic principle, I think that a balanced diet of all
natural foods is God's way. Every other animal eats what they want and it's all-natural. It's the processing and manufacturing of foods that has gotten us out of balance. Keep doing what you're doing, but in the long term, make sure your foods are balanced and you exercise more than you eat - calorie wise.

I hope this is of help.

Wishing you well,

Janet Hull


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