pH Interview with Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Interview on Body pH
By Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Q: I am writing a term paper for my college Biology class, and wondered if I could interview you on pH.

A: Absolutely.

Q: How did you get started in studying the pH of the body?

A: The pH of the body is critical to disease prevention, and it is one of the key factors in preventative medicine. I was aware of the importance of pH for general knowledge and, of course, it's importance in our home salt water aquarium and garden ponds, but when I applied it to the restoration of health and disease prevention, I began to use the pH as a key component to detoxing illness and preventing disease.

Q: How important is the pH balance to a person who is getting older?

A: It is important for all ages, but when one becomes post-menopausal (for women) and the same age range for men (prostate issues, etc.), the pH can change due to the exposure the body has had over time to toxins, low-quality foods, to medications, etc. So, restoring the body's proper pH helps prevent hardening of the arteries and prostate issues in men, cancer and other degenerative diseases, restores healthy hormones in women, and prevents the aging process and acute disease from becoming chronic.

Q: Can germs and diseases live in an alkaline body?

A: Yes, but it is less likely they will grow and overcome the body, as when pH is acidic. If pH is too alkaline, however, the sediments (solid matter) within the body begin to collect, deposit, and harden, and the body becomes dry, likened to a dried streambed. Kidney stones, plaque in the arteries and within the mouth, liver enzymes, and gallstones begin to form. So, it is best to be around 6.4 in body pH - not too acidic nor too alkaline. When all living things die, they are completely alkaline.

Q: Do the young people need to watch their pH level?

A: Absolutely. Everyone at any age needs to keep his or her body pH balanced. Humans are salt-water creatures and that means we lean towards natural alkalinity. But we also have stomach acids and body acids as by-products of digestion, movement, energy, etc. Basically, humans are no different than a salt water aquarium, and if we are too acidic, slime and bacteria form cutting off the oxygen to all living things within. If the water is too alkaline, the environment begins to crust-over, solidify with sediments, and the life forms dry up. So, we, as hydrated beings, need to be perfectly balanced between acid and alkaline at any age. With the onslaught of processed foods and medications overtaking human lifestyles, younger and younger humans are now too acidic, and asthma, Candida, skin diseases such as acne and psoriasis, thrush, and hormone imbalances occur at younger and younger ages. Even in newborns can begin life highly acidic when inoculated at too young of an age.

So, we must not neglect the sources of where pH starts in order to restore health and prevent disease at any age.

Go to to learn more about body pH and the testing kit. I also have a 75/25 pH Eating chart. I hope this helps you out with your project. Good luck.

pH Balance Testing

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