March 2004 Issue

pH Interview with Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Interview on Body pH By Dr. Janet Starr Hull Q: I am writing a term paper for my college Biology class, and wondered if I could interview you on pH. A: Absolutely. Q: How did you get started in studying the pH of the body? A: The pH of the... Continue Reading

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Eco-Friendly Companies

The mercury threat from tuna and salmon has helped many American consumers become more aware of the dangers our environment is currently facing, and many big businesses are greening up to help preserve our planet. Here are some companies doing their part: Patagonia clothing company has produced a revolutionary recycled... Continue Reading

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Did You Know?

* Plantago Major (commonly called the Broadleaf Plantain) has been found effective in treating lung ailments. In a 1982 clinical trial, it reduced chronic bronchitis in 80% of the patients tested. * For optimum heart health, the ideal ratio of omega-3 fatty acid intake to omega-6 intake should be 1:1.... Continue Reading

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Q and A with Dr. Hull

To: Subject: arsenic poisoning Q: I think that I might have been poisoned with arsenic four years ago. Is it possible that I can survive this? I was wondering how I might have contracted it, could it be on the vegetables that I washed or where could I have... Continue Reading

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Healthy Recipe

This is a homemade chocolate recipe from one of our readers: Two parts cocoa to one part melted coconut oil. Natural sweetener of choice, just add enough to sweeten to your individual taste. Peppermint, cinnamon, orange, vanilla or coconut flavorings can be added to taste. Add nuts - optional. Place... Continue Reading

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