Magnetic YOU

Did you know that you are actually a magnet? Human beings produce a magnetic field that is closely related to the Earth's magnetic field, and this affects how we feel.

When the Earth's magnetic field fluctuates, our magnetic fields also fluctuate. This can cause vertigo, heart arrhythmias, chronic fatigue, and a weakening of our immune system.

Today, the Earth's magnetic field is weakening, so this means that our body's magnetic field is weakening, too. The Earth's magnetic field protects the planet from solar radiation and from being hit by space "trash" (asteroids and meteors). When the magnetic field, or "shield" weakens, our planet is more susceptible to cosmic influences. When our body's magnetic field weakens, we are more susceptible to viruses, solar radiation, and the effects from microwaves, radio and television waves, and cell phone waves. This can weaken our immune system, increase disease, chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia symptoms, and amplify the effects of aging.

There is another natural phenomenon that is affecting human beings today - ionic resonance. Ionic resonance is the electromagnetic resonance, or pulse, trapped between the Earth's upper ionosphere (atmosphere) and the Earth's surface. The ionosphere is where auroras take place. Ionic influences affect how people feel.

The Earth's resonance was determined in 1899 to be a magnetic pulse or resonance like a "heartbeat" cycling at 7.8 cycles per second, or 7.8 Hz. Just as a tuning fork has natural frequencies for sound, the planet Earth has natural frequencies for electromagnetic radiation called Schumann resonances.

The neat thing about this is the fact that the human brain is in tune with the Earth's resonance. Scientists have connected this electromagnetic resonance, or pulse, to human brain waves, and this resonance affects human behavior. The scary thing about this is the fact that the ionic resonance within the Earth's atmosphere is strengthening today at the same time the Earth's magnetic field is weakening, and THIS affects how we feel.

When the 7.8 Hz magnetic "pulse" of the Earth was first discovered, people thought that this resonance was constant, and we never thought that it would change. As technology became more advanced, societies built communication systems and military weaponry based on this frequency. But both the magnetic field and the ionic resonance are changing today, and we are now "feeling" the changes because our bodies aren't changing with it like they are supposed to - humanity has invented too many technological roadblocks, and our magnetic fields are scrambled.

All the cells in our bodies are naturally "tuned" into the Earth's natural pulse, or heartbeat - our metabolism, our immune system, all of our body cycles (puberty and aging, for example) and our natural body rhythms will always work to match those of the Earth. We biologically "keep the pace" with the Earth's fundamental geologic "heartbeat." This pulse has increased over the past 2,000 years, and humans should be keeping up with these Earth changes, but our technology is blocking the way.

Cell phones, the weapons of war, Doppler radar, X-rays, hospitals and medical procedures, television and radio waves, many medications, FAA airport security, and even heating pads and electric blankets are jamming our natural abilities to match the Earth's resonance. Hence, disease syndromes increase, and vertigo and physical imbalances, emotional stress, sleep disorders, and severe moodiness, apathy and depression result.

Nature is "shifting", and human beings will, or should, shift with it. To keep the pace with the Earth's natural energies, find ways to eliminate unnatural electromagnetic interferences bombarding your life. Remove exposure to as many unnecessary obstacles as you can. Avoid microwaves (or at the very least, do NOT stand in front of a running microwave), keep away from airport scanners and unnecessary medical tests, limit your cell phone usage, limit the time you spend texting and sitting in front of the computer, and decrease the time you leave the television on. Adopt a natural detox program as a daily "lifestyle" Dr. Hull's Detox Kit, and try using products like the BionicBands® and similar resonance technology to help prevent unnecessary exposure to harmful electromagnetic waves.

The original BionicBand frequency is tuned to nature's 7.83 Hz pulse, and it helps match the body's natural resonance to the Earth's. As an Environmental Engineer and Holistic Nutritionist, I firmly believe that the Schumann frequency affects both the planet's well-being and human health.

Keep your body in sync with the heartbeat of the Earth. This has secured health and wellness for all living beings for millennia - long before technology came along. You just might sleep better, too.

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