Living On A Giant Magnet

Early in 1813, there was a fight in the main lecture theater of the British Royal Institution between the Instrument Maker and the Chemical Assistant, which resulted in the dismissal of the chemist. Asked to find a replacement, the Instrument Maker appointed Michael Faraday his new Chemical Assistant, and Faraday went on to change the history of chemistry. Little did he realize at the time that his newest discovery would one day explain the dynamics of the magnetic field within the Earth and prove that our planet is a magnet - and so are we.

Magnets are usually made of the metal iron, or another material that has lots of iron in it, such as steel. Magnets can be various shapes, but all of them have the ability to pull things towards themselves. This invisible force is called magnetism. Rocks and all objects on the Earth (including people) that contain iron have magnetism, which means they have the ability to attract a magnetic resonance to them.

Faraday discovered that a moving magnet activated an electric current in a nearby circuit. To test his findings, he made a coil by wrapping a paper cylinder with wire. He connected the coil to an instrument used to detect and measure the strength and direction of small electric currents, and he moved the magnet back and forth inside the paper cylinder.

Faraday determined that a moving magnetic field is necessary for an electric current to occur, and by moving a magnet in and out of a coil of wire, an electric current could be activated. He also discovered that moving an electronic conductor near a stationary magnet charged an electric current. Faraday then noticed that the electric current stopped when the magnet was not moving.

The Earth has such a moving magnetic field. A giant bar-like magnet tucked within the center of the Earth activates its magnetic field when the planet rotates. In a bar magnet, the tiny atom-magnets are all lined up in the same direction - the protons, neutrons and flow of electrons induce an electric field that produces a magnetic field. This creates its "magnetic" properties due to the attraction of similar currents. This also forms north and south poles due to the protons and neutrons "lining-up."

Protons have a positive charge, and an electron has a negative charge. The Earth's rotation works like an electrical generator charging a stationary magnet because when "charged objects" spin, they produce magnetism. In other words, a spinning electron behaves like a tiny magnet. THIS is the origin of magnetism and THIS is what maintains its properties.

As the Earth spins about its axis, all other particles in nature spin with it - ideally spinning in synchronicity to prevent chaos and inconsistency within the magnetic field. When electrons interact with each other, they exchange energy through motion. The magnetic field within any object is very active, and magnets only attract, or pull, metals that are made of iron or metals that contain iron.

Magnetism is concentrated around the poles (ends) of a magnet. A magnet has two poles, the magnetic North Pole and South Pole. The two poles may look the same but they behave differently. In all magnets, identical poles repel, or push, each other away, while different, or opposite, poles attract, or pull, toward one another with a force that brings the two poles together.

Think of a bar of iron as having millions of micro-magnets inside it. These are called domains, and if the atom-magnets are not lined up, the bar is no longer a magnet. If the micro-magnets in the bar are lined up and point in the same direction, the bar becomes a true magnet and will pull towards one other.

To keep order and lessen pandemonium, Nature will find a way to pair up electrons so that one electron is spinning one way and the other spins in the opposite direction. So for every tiny magnet pointing one way, there is another pointing in the opposite way. As a result, there is less interference between objects, and this creates balance. And actually at this very moment, the Earth's magnetic field resonates at an extremely low frequency - the lowest it has been in over 2000 years. Magnetism varies from place to place and there are differences in the Earth's magnetic field because all living things, from rocks to human beings, differ in nature. Disruptions in the magnetic field can be caused by the interaction between charged particles from the Sun and from man-made influences, such as cell phones, radio waves, and microwave ovens.

By blocking incoming interference from unnatural magnetic influences, all living beings can realign their magnetic fields to "flow" with nature. Because we cannot "see" these fluctuations in the magnetic field, we tend to forget that they are all around us influencing our daily lives. With less negative forces perturbing our natural magnetic alignments, health and wellness occur. Maintaining this alignment keeps our planet and our bodies in balance.

The Earth's magnetic field will continue to weaken in the years to come, so it's important to make sure that our bodies remain in balance with these changes. Avoiding exposure to increased radiation, staying away from chemically processed foods and medications, drinking plenty of oxygenated water, and keeping our bodies "synchronized" with the pulse of the Earth, help us maintain our natural balance.

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