Did You Know - About Frequencies?

The Earth has a heartbeat - it pulsates at a rhythm of 7.8 cycles per second, or 7.8 Hz known as the Schumann frequency.

People are actually magnets.

The Earth's magnetic field was at its peak (its strongest) 2000 years ago.

Human body cycles will always try to match the rhythms of the Earth.

The 7.8 Hz pulse of the Earth is increasing today, while the magnetic field is now weakening.

Cell phones, microwaves, the weapons of war, electric blankets, medical technology, and airport security scanners interfere with the body's natural magnetic resonance.

As the Earth's magnetic field weakens, outside influences have more negative influences on the Earth and on people.

Scientists have connected the 7.8 Hz pulse of the Earth to human brain waves.

When the Earth's magnetic field fluctuates, the magnetic filed within human beings fluctuates, too.

The Earth's magnetic field affects our dreams and sleep patterns.

Our communication systems and military weaponry were all based on a 7.8 Hz resonance of the Earth.

Human beings will always shift with the changes in the Earth.

When the Earth's magnetic field weakens, the impact from meteors, asteroids, and solar radiation increases.

When the Earth physically changes and human beings do not change with it, disease syndromes can increase.

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