BionicBand Product Review

There is no doubt that in these modern times, mankind is moving at a very fast pace, but our growth in technology has been both a blessing and a curse. Today, illness has become a complex technological issue, and when people are faced with illness and health symptoms that our "technology" cannot "figure out", I advocate that you keep searching for the answers why you became ill in the first place, and what actions you can take to truly heal. And, the more natural the solutions, the better!

I recommend taking what I call the shot-gun approach, which is continuously researching and trying anything and everything that just might help you hit the bull's-eye in identifying why you are ill and some solutions. Let me share something that I have recently learned about; something that I believe will offer another alternative to achieving optimum wellness.

A few months ago, my neighbor, good friend, and hair analysis client, Jim, asked me if I knew anything about a new product called the BionicBand®. He knew there were similar products out there, but this one is based on the original patent and research.

His wife won tickets to a Montgomery Gentry concert, and when they came out of the auditorium after the concert, a booth was set-up demonstrating these "resonance bands." Jim, a law enforcement officer, tried one on and instantly knew that they worked, but being a veteran skeptic, it seemed too good to be true and he wanted to know, "What's the catch?"

"Can this be real?" he asked, "And HOW does this really work?"

Sports figures can be seen wearing these bands during games, golfers are hitting the ball better, and people are experiencing less back pain and joint stiffness. These BionicBands seem to be calming down ADD/ADHD kids (and adults), people are sleeping better and dreaming again, and those suffering with vertigo experience immediate relief.

After researching these bands for Jim, I did discover that there are copies out there, and some manufacturers have even admitted that there is no scientific proof that their particular bands really work. I did discover, however, that the BionicBand brand does have scientific research supporting their products, and I have read their studies. I am most impressed with the research, and with their plans to continue future research studies.

Last year, Jim's sister-in-law, Renee, suffered a major stroke at age 38, which affected her speech and significantly paralyzed her right side. Jim and his wife were desperately trying to find anything that might help her recovery. Renee is an intelligent, vibrant woman with two young children, but after her stroke, the effects on her physical well being left her with a struggle to express herself and to take care of her children.

When Jim tried on the BionicBand after the concert, he said that he instantly had more strength and balance, and bought bands for himself, his wife, and for Renee.

The next day, they strapped the band on Renee, and hoped to hit the bull's-eye in advancing her recovery. Renee attends physical therapy sessions twice a week, and by the end of her second session, the therapist noticed that she had significantly more strength and balance, and asked, "What is going on here? What is she doing?"

Jim reported to me that since wearing his BionicBand from Mid-November until the end of January, he has lost 15 pounds without changing his eating habits. During his yearly pistol training for law enforcement, his shooting score at the gun range was 10 points higher than his average.

Both Jim and Renee are experiencing the same results that most everyone wearing these bands experience: more energy, better balance, increased strength, less joint pain and stiffness. People who are on my Detox program have reported experiencing faster results when using these bands during detoxification; heavy metals, microbes such as parasites and yeast, and food toxins seem to excrete from deep tissues more effectively. I have definitely seen people with vertigo experience instant relief - I mean instant relief - after putting these bands on.

I personally wear a BionicBand and I have given one to each of my children. My sister suffered from a stroke several years ago, and has struggled with vertigo ever since. I gave her a BionicBand, and her vertigo has greatly improved. I recommend trying the BionicBand, but do remember that just like my hair analysis program and detoxification program, we are all individuals, and nothing works the same for everyone.

I have continued investigating the science behind these bands, how they are made, and the company manufacturing them, and I am very impressed with what I have discovered. I have spoken with the CEO of Perfect World Solutions, Inc, Dan Fadden, and the research they are doing to enhance the benefits of frequency technology is admirable. We will be working together in the future to enhance both of our wellness programs.

I have written two articles in this month's Healthy Newsletter that explain HOW this technology does apply to human health, and by blending both Holistic Nutrition and Environmental Science, always remember that Earth influences do determine our state of health and well-being!

Most people have seen the strength tests advertised on the web for the BionicBand, and if you do not understand the principles of kinesiology, this may appear hokey. When you actually have the test done, however, most people DO feel the difference; some more than others. To understand the principles of kinesiology, I highly recommend reading David Hawkins' books, particularly Power vs Force. This explains how BionicBand technology can be observed using kinesiology.

One thing that I do know, the BionicBand technology has definitely succeeded in reviving the awareness that human beings respond to the life frequencies generated by the Earth. By remembering this relationship, we have enhanced human wellness through knowledge - NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!

Dan Fadden asked me to deliver this message to my Healthy Newsletter readers: " I don't care how long you have been wearing our technology; I will refund your money anytime you feel it is not working for you. I don't want you unhappy."

Considering the plethora of chemicals overtaking our food supply and the number of illnesses dependent on pharmaceuticals today, we have reached a turning point in wellness. Determine what may be causing any illness using the hair analysis, detox, detox, detox, and do whatever you can do to hit YOUR bull's-eye.

Note: the company is updating their website because they discovered that the site is a bit confusing when you want to read about the bands before you decide to order one. When you click on the product page, it says "Buy Now", and you must click on this to research the different types of bands, pricing, etc. If you find a band that you like, you then click on "Buy Now" a second time, and that brings up what looks like a blank page. BUT, locate the top left button that says "Select Country" and click on "Continue." This takes you to the order option. This company is fairly new, so they are working out the glitches, as most Internet companies constantly do. The BionicBand website will be updated within the next few weeks to minimize any confusion.

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