Toxic Chemicals DO Affect Autism

I am often asked, "Do chemicals in our foods and medications cause autism? Will these chemicals ever be taken off the market?"

My answer? "YES! Toxic chemicals DO affect and CAN cause autism, especially if toxic food chemicals are eaten during pregnancy or given to a child within the first 18 months of its life. As long as chemical toxins remain in our food supply and in childhood vaccinations, this pandemic isn't going to end."

Years ago, humans were only concerned about environmental toxins, but today, the focus needs to be on the corporations marketing toxic chemicals in our public food supply and in our medications. Many of the big corps will continue, sadly, to manufacture toxic products, so it's up to YOU, the consumer, to stop buying them.

Be aware that over 10,000 chemicals toxic to human health are added to our public food supply. The dangerous effects of the diet sweeteners, particularly aspartame, are prime examples. Go to for the research and information on aspartame's toxic effects on human health, especially during pregnancy. Also be aware that advertisers steer consumers toward these chemical products because these toxic food chemicals net mega profits. Notice how many diet food products are marketed to children. I wrote an article in September 2006 warning consumers back thenthat advertisers are NOT nutritionists. Please take this warning to heart, especially if you are pregnant or if you have children.

Err on the side of caution, and avoid ingesting ALL food chemicals during pregnancy; reject exposing your babies to ALL chemicals during the first 18 months of their lives.

So, how do you know what food chemicals you are exposed to or what toxins your child is exposed to?

Take it upon yourself to find the answers that few corporations provide you; research all the food chemicals and environmental chemicals you think you are exposed to, and seriously consider having a hair analysis done before pregnancy and on your children. Go to to get some answers: about why your child is suffering so, to learn what toxins are inside of your baby, and to learn what toxins may have been inside of you during pregnancy. Discover what toxins you need to avoid right now; now and forever.

When your child is suffering from autism, never stop searching for the answers why this has happened, and find the tools you need to make this situation better. Waiting for the "powers-that-be" to uncover the answers for you is wasting precious time. Implement, for yourself, the action needed now, and learn how to avoid future health issues caused by the chemical toxins to which you are not even aware you or your child are exposed.

Toxic chemicals in our environment, chemicals in our medications, and toxins in our food supply are all at the root of autism. Only YOU can implement the solutions; ― find the answers you have been seeking, and never stop searching.

The following links will be helpful in your search for answers and solutions:
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