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Great Aspartame Question:

Q: Do you know if aspartame is in products without it being on the label? This also includes OTC medications. Reformulations using aspartame in place of natural sugar are all over the OTC market. My chewable Pepcid Complete and Titralac for GERD have aspartame now. It's a real problem. Slim-Fast Original probably won't come back (it has sugar) after the current Bacillus Cereus recall is over, and all the other Slim-Fast drinks have aspartame, even the powder mixes. It's scary to think about, but maybe there's even more in products that have not put it on their labels. Can I be sure?

A: Oh yes! Aspartame is in products NOT labeled sugar - free. Read all your labels carefully, and look for the aspartame warning: Caution Contains Phenylalanine or Caution Phenylketonurics. Then search the ingredient list, and aspartame is there, tucked away out of clear site.

Low fat products may be OK, but check all the fat-free products; they typically have the diet sweeteners in them. All gums at the check-out counter have the chemical sweeteners in them, even good old fashioned Wrigley's® gum has it now, most mints and candies have it, medications such as Children's Tylenol® has it, flavored waters, cereals.... You must read all of your labels on everything.

If you're interested, I have a list of products with aspartame in my book Sweet Poison, and a list of products with Splenda in Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? But, the list grows longer everyday.


Q: My wife and I, are concerned that the systemic enzymes might effect the (4) Trigeminal Neuralgia surgeries I had to my head. I think all those years on aspartame (19+ years of it) ate away my myelin sheaths, surrounding my left temple and left facial nerves, which caused the Trigeminal Neuralgia. Now, if your not sure or even don't know if it would, it's ok and we understand completely. Our own neurosurgeon wasn't even able to answer a lot of our questions and he's considered # 1 in that field.

A: Everyone has different circumstances and reactions to anything, but generally, when the body receives a "food", and this can also be in the form of a natural vitamin, it should digest and assimilate it as food. The chemicals and fake foodstuffs are what the body cannot assimilate or use as a nutrient, and these chemicals then become toxic wastes to the body. If the toxins are not eliminated, then they are tucked away and stored somewhere inside the body - becoming more toxic as time goes on.

The systemic enzymes go throughout the body to "digest" proteins and toxins attached to them. If toxins are on the myelin sheath, then the detox supplements should remove those toxins. Repairing any damage done is the job of the nutrients nature created to restore those cells.

Upper enzymes are the stomach enzymes and remain in the stomach; pancreatic enzymes address lower digestion beginning in the pancreas. Systemic enzymes, such as Wobenzyme-N, circulate throughout the body, and digest toxins in the body's tissues. Wobenzyme-N is a great systemic enzyme.

Testing For Parasites

Q: You have a great website! Does the hair analysis show if parasites are present? Can you tell any levels or indications of what type of parasites? Also, will the hair analysis also distinguish my pH levels?

A: Thank you for your email, and you have asked a common question. No, the hair test does not test for parasites or the body pH. Each requires a specific and very different mode of testing for those specifics.

The pH is measured using a litmus test with saliva and urine. The specific parasite identification is done through fecal waste.

From the hair analysis results, I can deduce, however, if a microbe may be present using your past health history, health symptoms, nutrient levels and toxic metal levels. To determine if my deduction is correct, you will need to explore specific fecal testing; most times people know if they were bitten by a tick or if they cut their foot in a lake, or if they were on antibiotics for an extended period of time, but they may not know the specific microbe at the root of their health concerns. The hair analysis serves as a tool to get closer to identifying the answers that remain hidden in many cases.

So, it is wise to explore the presence of a parasite or another microorganism using the results of the hair analysis as a tool to provide you more data to get closer to the answers.

Go on-line and research specific testing for parasites. I have written a booklet explaining all about the body pH, and how to test it. Click here to learn about your pH.

The best in health,
- Janet Hull

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