Equal® Case History

Name: anonymous;

City: Starkville;

Age: 48;

Gender: female;

Aspartame Consumption: ten years;

Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: yes;

Diet Products Used: Equal, gum, ice cream;

Do you use Equal: yes;

Do your children use aspartame: yes;

Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free: yes;

May we include your case history on website: yes;

Do you want your information anonymous: yes;

Referred by other: researching for answers;

Comments: I had a hysterectomy in November of 2007. I woke up one week after my surgery and couldn't lift my arms. My vision was blurry; all of my joints were in extreme pain. I phoned my OB/GYN to find out if this was part of having a hysterectomy, and she told me she had never heard of those symptoms following a hysterectomy.

She told me to come in, and after telling her all that was going on, she told me I was becoming a problem. I have done my own research over the last 2 years, but was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was getting extremely frustrated and continued my mission to find out what was really wrong with me. I REFUSED to accept this diagnosis when there is not even a test for Fibro!

I was an over user of Equal - I lived off of coffee, and I love my coffee sweet. I used three packs of Equal in one cup of coffee, and I made coffee all day long. I have been off of Equal for just three weeks, and I am already seeing some relief with my joint pain. At first, I blamed it on the caffeine and NOT the Equal; I now blame the Equal and NOT the caffeine.

How long until I am 100 percent? I was depressed and I suffered from migraines, but I am stubborn. I am very angry because I would never use or abuse drugs, but that is what I was doing! I had no idea that aspartame or Equal was a drug. I am furious and I want someone to pay for the damage that has been caused by this DRUG.

My vision is shot and I hope that I find out that will be restored in time. The aspartame withdrawal was a "b-tch" for lack of a better word. With H1N1 going around, I was afraid I had that. In all of my 48 years, I have never been to the doctor so dang much. That is not my cup of tea.

Because Fibro is such a mystery illness, you are soon labeled as a hypochondriac. But, I push myself rather than complain. Tell me how this product can be removed from the shelf and where do I begin to put an end to it and keep this from happening to others? I am 48 and my eye doctor told me I am now legally blind. Will my vision return to normal?

Please help!

From Dr. Hull

Thank you for writing. You can now regain your health! As soon as you avoid ALL diet chemicals, your health will begin to restore, but you have some work to do to repair the damage that has been done by the chemical toxins in aspartame/Equal.

I recommend taking a good multi-vitamin and a vitamin C every day, plus a B-Complex, which is great for hormone health, and will help after the hysterectomy. Drink mostly water, and eat real foods; smaller portions throughout the day will satisfy you, and you should not gain any weight doing this. Actually, the diet drinks make the body hang on to weight in the long run.

May I suggest doing the hair analysis to figure out what else is going on? Many times yeast, Candida, overgrowth is the root of endometriosis requiring hysterectomies, and I wonder if you have any heavy metals inside of you, as well. It is important to search and search until you find the answer because THERE IS AN ANSWER WHY this is happening. I agree with you that these things don't come out of nowhere.

And I would look for another doctor; one who isn't bothered by your desire to get well.....sadly too many docs merely fill prescriptions, and don't want to be bothered. There are some good docs out there, though, so find one, if you need one.

The powdered forms of these diet sweeteners are very potent, and you can take eye vitamins that have helped many people improve their vision. Just removing the Equal may be enough to stop any more damage, but Eye-vits by NOW are good, and Julian Whitaker has a good Eye Essentials vitamin supplement.

Consider the Hair Analysis and my Aspartame Detoxification Program; they do work!!!!!

The best in health,

Janet Hull

Posted February 2010 | Permanent Link

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