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Perfect pH:

Q: Your main page says perfect pH is 6.4. You might want to get that corrected. It's the first line result in a Google search. I almost did not look at your site because of it.

A: This is correct - 6.4. In my professional opinion, perfect body pH IS 6.4 due to the body acids and waste by-products circulating throughout the body at all times. Blood pH is different from water/total body pH, and I agree that the blood remains at a higher pH. The circulatory system is a "closed system", which means that it is not subject to the digestive acids and other body acids, like lactic acid for example, nor exposed to the waste products that course through the water stores of the body. If the body's water stores are too alkaline, then digestion is impaired, toxins have more of a challenge in which to excrete efficiently, and sedimentation of minerals begin to form inside of the body, resulting in gall stones, arterial plague, kidney stones, and chronic fatigue.

I know that I am the pioneer in this theory of a lower total body pH, but I feel it is inaccurate to assume the body's fresh water stores are the same as fresh water bodies in the environment. They are not the same at all, in my opinion.

Many co-factors are present in environmental fresh water bodies that require its healthy pH to be a higher 7.0 - fish urinating and excreting feces in the water, for example. This lowers the pH, so nature has ways to keep it more naturally alkaline using minerals in the soil, rainwater, various plants that absorb the acid, etc. But the human body has very different dynamics, and really should not be compared to a fresh water body. Up until now, no one has addressed this issue in this manner, but me.

So, I know my theory is unique and a pioneering one, but it is my thought and belief, but take it or leave it. That's your choice.

Thanks for your feedback.


Q: What is the maximum dose of the French Green Clay? Is it similar to bentonite?

A: The FGC is a clay like bentonite because they are both clay and clay absorbs toxins, but French Green Clay is not like bentonite in the respect that the FGC does not harden or cast like bentonite does; FGC powders when it dries. This makes the French Green Clay a more digestible clay because it will not harden inside your intestinal track.

I also believe that French Green Clay is better for your health because it is filled with sea minerals from dried Mediterranean Sea beds. This provides a wealth of phytoplankton, iodine, lithium, natural sodium, and organic minerals. Four to six (4-6) capsules in the morning on an empty tummy, and again before bed is a perfect amount for the body to ingest without creating trauma as it begins to excrete toxins.

Hope this helps.


Q: I have received my hair analysis and interpretation and have just ordered the Detox Complete Package, etc. I take Synthroid because I have no thyroid and after taking it, I cannot take any other meds, vitamins, etc for 4 hours.

Will this hinder the detox program? Also, I ordered the lithium and I take Zoloft. Will this interfere with the effectiveness of the lithium? I think I need the Zoloft because I had no lithium, and hope by restoring the lithium, I will no longer need the medication. That will save me some bug-bucks. Thanks.

A: Great question. Remain on your doc's instructions for your Synthroid, but know that it is possible to detox while medicating your thyroid function, or lack of. Maybe the detox program will remove the core reason you had to remove your thyroid in the first place, and in turn, enhance your medication to work even more efficiently at a lower dose, over time. You might even be able to replace the medication with a natural thyroid supplement, as many people have successfully done, but this will take some time to "retrain" your body.

But know that it is always healthy to remove toxins that burden your body, and that you can find the right solution to do all that you need to do for your body's needs. Also know that the detox program will remove any residual medications your body does not need, want or efficiently use, and that these meds can become toxic over time. The minute and half of side effects at the end of all pharma commercials tells you that! And when supplements are all natural, they react to your meds like foods do - they should not interfere or cause concern.

So you are not only addressing toxins that may have been within you for many years, but you are also removing any current toxins that you may be accumulating.

You should feel an improvement, for sure. Please let us know.

Natural Lithium:

Q: I no longer take my "crazy" medications. Your natural Lithium replaced my "Zoloft." Is this a sign that I am detoxed?

A: Oh, music to my ears! More people than you can imagine have little to NO lithium. The hair analysis will show these levels, and I think that epidemic low lithium is because our soils are depleted of this nutrient and full of chemical pesticides instead. Lithium is found in the soil and also in the ocean, so we get it from eating rooted foods and sea vegetables and fish.

I also think that processed foods are sterilized foods because they have no natural nutrients left within them. Maybe the food manufacturers have added back some of the vitamins and nutrients food processing destroys, but these are manufactured forms of the vitamins, and they are probably sterile, too.

Not needing drugs like Zoloft is common for people who replace their natural lithium levels. This leads me to believe that in many cases of depression, the need for anti depressants is only because the diet is dead and void of the nutrients that feed the emotional systems in the body.

Eat your lithium and maybe you can trash bin the antidepressants.

All the best in health,

Janet Hull

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