New Splenda® Study Reveals Harmful Effects

New research studies are currently being performed around the world proving that the diet sweeteners are NOT safe for human consumption. This evidence is important to know because it suggests that not only are these diet sweeteners harmful to your health, but also that the studies done by the corporations that manufacture these diet sweeteners, may be grossly misleading consumers.

The latest study from Purdue University is crucial because it supports what the critics of the original, "corporate-conducted" studies have been saying for years - that is, the original sweetener safety studies for both aspartame and Splenda, submitted to the FDA were flawed. In my personal and professional opinion, the critics are right. The sweetener studies conducted by their manufacturers were so poorly conducted, and incompetently evaluated, that a crucial gap in our scientific knowledge resulted. Independent scientists with no interest in corporate profit have documented true adverse reactions to the chemical sweeteners. This latest study from Purdue is an example of the "good science" exposing the dangers of diet sweeteners.

Check out the entire article, New Splenda, Sucralose Study Reveals Shocking Potential Harmful Effects. When the page loads, scroll down below the "Recent Posts" box.

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