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Subject: Is Splenda safe for diabetics?

Q: I want to find out what can be used if you are diabetic to help sweeten drinks. Please help. My daughter has a lot of the problems that you talk about. My husband and I also use Splenda, but we are not diabetic. But we also are having the same problems as our daughter, and doctors cannot find what is wrong with me. I really need more information on this sugar substitute. Thanks for your time.

A: Well, this is such a vast topic and your questions are very involved, so I think all of your questions and more (and very good questions BTW) can be answered if you read my book, Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? You can get the book off Amazon or read a copy from your local library. If they do not have a copy, they can order one through their library network.

The book will teach you all about the good and bad sweeteners, and offer you and your family many healthy solutions to keep life sweet! This topic requires learning about the background on aspartame and the other diet sweeteners to understand why they have become such an "assumed" part of modern life. I also go into detail why these diet sweeteners are harmful to diabetics - all supported by excellent research. I hope this will provide the answers you seek.

The best in health.

Subject: Soda with aspartame
Q: Hi. Is there anyway to find out what bottled soda, if any, doesn't contain aspartame?

A: The best way to determine if aspartame is in a soft drink is to do what you are doing - research the subject and read all your labels. When you learn about all the various diet chemical sweeteners and about the safer alternatives available to you, then you can research the products you question and see if they are mentioned on the label or on the company websites.

Generally speaking, you can assume that the diet chemicals are in all zero-type/sugar-free drinks and drinks that advertise, "flavors with no calories." And beware of the fancy/flavored bottled waters and any drink product that brags about being tasty but low fat, etc.

That's you first clue that the product is sugar-free and has been chemically manufactured to death - literally!

Subject: Splenda advertising
Q: Why do the advertisements for Splenda use so many children?

A: The advertisements are designed to give consumers the impression that Splenda is a low-calorie form of sugar that is safe for your child - the ultimate impression of safety. They are spinning the truth, and using children to greatly mislead the consumer. Shame on them! This is why they are in court at the moment facing a serious lawsuit. Thank goodness someone did something about this.

Splenda, or sucralose as it was named when it was invented, comes from a sugar molecule, yes, but it is so mutilated and transformed in the lab, it has merely 1 atom of sugar remaining after 3 atoms of chlorine are injected into the sugar molecule. So in laymen's terms, sucralose, or Splenda, is 1 part sugar and 3 parts low-grade chlorine. You, or your child I might add, might as well drink from your fish aquarium or swimming pool.

Another misconception is the safety of chlorine. People assume chlorine is safe to drink because chlorine is used to disinfect tap water. But the research shows that chlorine in tap water is a carcinogen. That's why most people are now drinking bottled water and/or putting filters on their faucet taps. Chlorine causes cancer. And they market this product to your child?

Another misconception: to successfully replace the sugar with chlorine in the lab, the manufacturers use chemicals such as benzene, lithium chloride, formaldehyde, and acetone to force the chlorine into the molecule. Splenda is technically a chemical soup!

Keep an eye on our websites and forum for the latest news on the lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Nutritionals concerning their misleading advertisements.

Subject: Your perfect body pH
Q: On your main page of your website on www.janethull.com, you write that the perfect pH is 6.4. This is a typo, right? You might want to get that corrected. It's the first line results in a Google search. I almost did not look at your site because of it.

A: Oh no - 6.4 is correct! In my professional opinion, the perfect body pH IS 6.4. Because of the body acids and waste by-products humans have inside their bodies, our pH should be lower than fresh water bodies, such as that found in a pond, stream or lake. Blood pH is different from the water in your body, and it remains at a higher pH (approximately 7.4). But the circulatory system is a closed system and not subject to the lactic acids, carbonic acids, uric acids, etc. and other waste products that circulate through the water stores of your body. If your body is too alkaline, digestion becomes sluggish, toxins harden and become thick and heavy so they cannot easily dissolve to excrete, and "sedimentation" of minerals forms inside your body. This results in gallstones, kidney stones, and the other "stones."

I am the first person to put the body pH of 6.4 versus 7.0 together, but I believe it is harmful to human health for the body's 66% water stores to be the same as fresh water bodies in the environment. They are not the same, and it is like comparing apples to oranges. They are both fruits, but very different in many ways.

Thanks for your feedback.

Good luck and good health.

Dr. Janet Starr Hull

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