Detox In Layers

Detox In Layers And Rewind Your Life!

When you detox your body, you are actually rewinding your life and going back in time. As you add another year to your life, you may also be adding another layer of toxins to your body, but when you remove those toxins, you are actually removing layers of toxins from years ago.

When you detox, you remove your most recent toxins first. As each toxic layer rises up and out of your body, you are actually removing toxins one layer at a time. So today, you are removing the most recent toxins you have accumulated inside your body. Tomorrow and the next day, you will be removing even older toxins. Next month, you will be removing toxins deposited inside your body from last year. In six months, you will be removing toxins from 2 years ago. After detoxing daily for five years, you remove toxins deposited inside your body from when you were a child, maybe from a toxic inoculation, cutting your foot in the lake, or from a dog bite. See how this detox process works??

Let me share with you an example of detoxing in layers: Jessie has been detoxing for 10 years; yep, ten years! Jessie will detox for the rest of her life because 10 years ago at the young age of 32, Jessie was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors now say that Jessie is in "remission", but she knows she removed the cause of her leukemia and cured herself. After 10 years, she is still detoxing layers of "junk" from her body, but every day she gets healthier and healthier because she is keeping her body clean and removing toxins that have been inside her since childhood.

Jessie was raised on a farm in the Mid-West; an area of the United States most people think is a healthy place to live - fresh air, fresh water, lots of sunshine and home-grown food. This was how it used to be, that is, until pesticides, manufacturing and suburbia were introduced in the 1950s. Now, pollution from manufactured farm chemicals deposit inside people, and this starts in childhood these days. The toxic effects typically don't show up until adulthood; nevertheless, with the onslaught of food chemicals and diet sweeteners that people are eating and drinking, disease syndromes are surfacing at epidemic rates, and the key words here are "surfacing" and "epidemic."

Many toxins inside your body will not show signs of toxicity until the later years. That's why its important to rewind your life and go back to the time, and place, of exposure so you can identify the toxin making you ill and remove those old toxic layers at the root of disease.

Push your rewind button! And this is how it works:

After months and years of exposure to toxins, your body begins to absorb them. As time goes on, these toxins accumulate in your tissues, and as the tissues saturate with toxins the body cannot excrete, the poisons get pushed farther and deeper into your body. If toxins you were exposed to as a 12-year-old child were never removed and became buried beneath more toxins you were exposed to at 17 years old, by the time you reach 25 years old, toxins never removed from your childhood will begin to fester. There is no more room in your body to "store" toxins. So now they show up in your blood as Jessie's leukemia did, or in your thyroid gland as my own diagnosis of Grave's disease did, inside your liver and bloodstream as high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol, in your breast tissues as cancer, in your prostate as ED, in your brain as MS - well, you get the point.

So detox! As you begin to remove toxins from your body layer by layer, the most recent toxins will come out first. As time goes on, the layers of toxins work their way to the surface, and you may be surprised at what comes out of you! Toxins deposited years ago now cause skin eruptions, headaches and body pains you never knew were there, or had forgotten about.

Jessie will detox for the rest of her life because she is still, after 10 years, pulling toxins out of her tissues. Sadly, Jessie is discovering her childhood country lifestyle had been polluted with farm chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and inoculations for both the farm animals and for herself. Now Jessie has a hard time finding foods in the grocery store that are chemical-free. Ten years after beginning her daily detoxification protocol, Jessie has cured her leukemia and is medication-free. She worked hard over the past ten years to reach this point of wellness, and she will continue to dedicate the time and energy to maintain it in such a polluted world.

As you detox, remember that toxins may have deposited inside your body from decades ago, and that they will rise up when you create a cleansing environment. Don't panic - years of toxins will eventually come out of your body. The alternative is to keep those toxins in, and this is what creates disease.

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