The Benefits of Chlorophyll

If you want more energy, supplement with chlorophyll! As I always say: what works in nature, surely works in man.

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the molecule that absorbs sunlight and uses its energy to synthesize carbohydrates from CO2 and water. This process is known as photosynthesis and is the basis for sustaining the life processes of all plants. Since animals and humans obtain their food supply by eating plants, photosynthesis can be said to be the source of our life also.

Supplementing at least five days a week with liquid chlorophyll:

  • Enhances energy

  • Detoxifies the liver

  • Eliminates body odor and bad breath

  • Cleans the digestive tract

  • Aides in the prevention of liver cancer

  • Is beneficial in all cancer therapy

  • Helps with anemia

  • Aides in the elimination of mold from the body

Without chlorophyll, also known as the "green blood" of plants, life as we know it could not exist. Chlorophyll is the natural plant pigment that lends its color to grass, leaves, and many of the vegetables humans eat. Chlorophyll may indeed play an important role in prevention of certain cancers. Researchers in the early 1980s discovered that chlorophylls and related chemicals could inhibit the ability of certain DNA-damaging chemicals to cause mutations in bacteria.

M.G. Ferruzzi, Ohio State University, was the first researcher to demonstrate the absorption of chlorophyll into the intestinal cells; henceforth, supporting the potential importance of chlorophyll as a health-promoting plant compound.

Improves immune function in colitis and fibromyalgia

In the March 2001 study by Virginia Commonwealth University's R.E. Merchant and C.A. Andre, supplementation with chlorophyll-rich chlorella was shown to reduce high blood pressure, lower LDL ("bad" cholesterol), accelerate wound healing, and improve immune function in colitis and fibromyalgia. They gave supplemental chlorella to 55 fibromyalgia patients, 33 with hypertension, and nine with ulcerative colitis. These results followed a 2000 study by Marchant that showed a 22 percent decrease in pain intensity in patients with moderately severe fibromyalgia after two months of daily chlorella supplementation.

A 1998 study by Brazilian researcher, M.S. Miranda, showed that spirulina, rich in chlorophyll, phenolic acids, alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, all demonstrated powerful free-radical antioxidant protection in test-tube and experimental models.

So, no more excuses for not getting your greens: chlorophyll from chlorella, blue-green algae, spirulina, blue-green algae, kelp, green barley, wheat grass and alfalfa.

An interesting fact: as the chlorophyll in leaves decays in autumn, the green color fades and is replaced by the oranges and reds of carotenoids.

Where to find Liquid Chlorophyll Supplements

I recommend Liquid Chlorophyll 100 mg Spearmint by World Organics. World Organic Chlorophyll spearmint flavor is derived exclusively from high quality alfalfa leaves. Many people are low in copper, and chlorophyll contains organic copper. So, I recommend liquid chlorophyll to help boost copper levels for blood and nerve health.

liquid chlorophyll supplement

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