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Fertility Issues and Wanting To Conceive
Q - In your opinion, does aspartame contribute to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)? I was diagnosed nearly 3 years ago, and despite the efforts of 3 endocrinologists, we have not had any luck finding a treatment to alleviate my condition. I have been put on Metformin, which made me physically ill, Yasmin, also made me physically ill, and have tried diet and exercise, but I have not lost any weight or improved my hormone levels. I am a drinker of diet sodas and I also regularly eat canned tuna, as it is cheap. I have been considering eliminating all soda from my diet, as well as most processed foods, in hopes that will help my condition. My husband and I want to conceive a child and before we throw more of our money away on expensive doctor visits, we thought we'd get your thoughts on PCOS and aspartame. Thank you for listening

A - Yes and yes to all of your aspartame concerns. And you are throwing your money away buying these diet products. Aspartame can create serious health effects, and the ones you are describing are typical reactions. The hormones are indeed affected starting in the pituitary gland in the brain, then on through the thyroid and to the ovaries. Cysts and breast tumors were found in the lab rats fed aspartame, and Splenda caused infertility issues in both male and female rats.

So, remove all aspartame and Splenda (make sure to read all product labels as many products contain these things even though they are not labeled "sugar-free" or "diet"), detox from their poisons (it is strongly recommended to detox before conceiving), and restore the depleted nutrients the brain needs to properly drive the hormonal system - chemically free.

You and your husband are very smart to be taking this approach, I wish more couples did. Best in health!

Follow-up to the above Q&A - Helping You Get Pregnant
Q - Thank you and God bless you for responding so quickly to my questions. I went through my kitchen cabinets and refrigerator last night and tossed out one full garbage bag full of products containing aspartame/Splenda. I got in touch with my library and they will be doing an inter-library loan for me for your "Sweet Poison" book.

From what I read on the website, I can't believe that I had the wool pulled over my eyes for so long about artificial sweeteners. I always thought that I was eating very well...being sure not to overdue on sugars and eating lots of fresh veggies and lean meats...turns out I was missing the fact that I was eating ALOT of foods with aspartame and Splenda and drinking diet soda due to the fact that it had few to zero calories.

God bless you all and thank you for getting my husband and me started on the right path to (hopefully) being able to conceive a child without having to throw away money on non-effective prescriptions and doctor's visits. We're going to start shopping at the natural foods and begin a journey of healthy eating and we are very excited that this might be the solution to our infertility! My doctors, though I am sure they are knowledgeable about many things, never once suggested getting rid of aspartame and Splenda from my diet...I have already made an appointment with a nutritionist for my husband and me to learn how to eat healthier with an emphasis on natural and organic foods.

Again, I can't thank you enough for helping us! Hopefully, taking the above steps will help us end 7 years of frustration and confusion over our infertility.

God bless, and we will keep you posted on how we progress!
Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

A - You are very welcome. I'm so glad to hear that your library participates in inter-library loans. And isn't it amazing (kinda scary) how many products you found in your cabinets with this dangerous stuff in it. Don't you feel better just knowing what an important step that is.

I think you will find the health food store wonderfully exciting. I don't know if you subscribe to my free newsletter, but it includes healthy recipes every month, and these are recipes that don't require a health food store. To sign up just go to my main site and click on the FREE HEALTH NEWSLETTER box in the upper right hand corner. Also, make sure to read some of my recent newsletters by clicking on the "Free Newsletter" tab just under my picture.

I have helped many women get pregnant (sounds strange doesn't it). But seriously, detoxing and restoring depleted nutrients as well as removing all food chemicals really has helped women in their battle against infertility. It is the best step you can take!

Wishing you all the best in you new healthy lifestyle.

Testicular Cancer and Energy Drinks in Sweden
Q - A dear friend's 26 year-old son has just been diagnosed with non-seminoma testicular cancer that has metastasized. Of course we're all totally grief stricken and numb with shock. Nothing unusual about a young man having this cancer, EXCEPT for the fact that when he was in the hospital having his testicle removed earlier this week, the doctors and nurses were expressing grave concerns about the product "Red Bull®", an Austrian Energy Drink. They believe it is linked to testicle cancer in young men. A search of the internet only revealed 2 comments about that from lay persons in a chat forum. This boy would drink between 3 to 5 cans on a normal day, BUT on weekends he would consume 10 to 20 cans in one day. Hmmm, I wonder. Interesting to note that ALL energy drinks are banned in Sweden.

A - Thank you for your submission. You are right to be concerned. Drinking that much of anything other than pure water creates dietary imbalances. I question the isolated amino acids in products like Red Bull. It has artificial colorings and some preservatives, too. Some people may not react well to these types of "unnatural" nutrient drinks, and I do not recommend them at all.

I would suggest that your friend's son detox from all chemical drinks and foods, and purify his diet with whole foods and water. Be careful when taking chemically made vitamins and anything that is a neurotoxin with isolated amino acids, and MSG. Obviously, this man is very sensitive to these product additives, and needs to avoid all foods and drinks manufactured like this. Hope this helps.

Detox & Breastfeeding
Q - Could you let me know if it safe to detox while breastfeeding. I think I already know the answer is no, but could you reinforce my thoughts about this issue. Thanks.

A - Good question. Actually, the answer is yes. It serves as a detox for the baby (some of mom's toxins may have been passed to the baby during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding). It is safe under normal circumstances because the Detox nutrients are all natural and found in natural foods every mom should eat. The catch: how toxic is mom, and what toxins will move through the milk into the baby.

So, the detox itself is safe and will detox the baby, but if mom's toxins are high, they will move through the baby too.

Hope this helps.

Chlorine Toxicity
Q - Can you help? My daughter has been told that my grandson, who is 3 months old, has got an immune problem. He has a very bad skin condition and is very chesty. My daughter went swimming in a chlorinated pool 2 to 3 times a week when pregnant. Could my grandson have a chlorine allergy? Have you ever come across this? He's bathed every day and has tap water in his baby formula. Thank you for your help.

A - I'm so glad you sent us your submission. Chlorine can, indeed, absorb through the skin, into the bloodstream, and through the placenta. It is a possibility the particular pool your daughter swam in was overly chlorinated, the public water supply may be high in chlorine, or other chemical toxins may be nearby, exposing her to more than just chlorine.

Some sort of toxin is at the root of this issue, no doubt. It is prudent to continue searching for what that toxin or toxins might be. If you think you could get a heaping teaspoon (less required because of his age) of hair from your grandson you might want to consider having me perform a hair analysis. I'm providing the link so you can learn more about it. Let's not guess at the root of this child's problems.

Online Hair Analysis Testing

Hope this helps.

Focal Epilepsy (basically epilepsy of the eye)
Q - My wife used to use aspartame and we stopped after reading your articles. Also had bought one of your books and used French Green Clay (one bottle only). As soon as she stopped the aspartame, her migraine headache was gone, but she has developed focal epileptic disorder and has been given tablets to suppress that. She still has the symptoms of eye epilepsy once a while - especially when she is searching for an object, tense, or when she is about to sleep. Could you help?

A - Very glad to hear that your wife is doing better. The eye twitching is common with methanol exposure - 10% of aspartame is methanol. She may need to detox longer, but you definitely need to restore the nutrients to the eye the aspartame has depleted. Some vitamins to consider restoring healthy eyes:

Vitamins A (10,000 IU), E (800 IU), selenium 400 mcg, and vitamin C to bowel tolerance. Drink lots of spring water, consistently supplement with a multi-vitamin and trace minerals, and add a hand-ground B-Complex. This should help restore the optic nerves.

Aspartame and the Brain
Q - I have a friend that drank nothing but diet coke the whole time she was pregnant with her little boy, he is 5 yrs old. None of his body functions are right, and now they have been told that his brain is small. Can he be suffering from aspartame poisoning and can he be detoxed?

A - Glad to get your submission, but sad (and angry) to hear about your friend's little boy.

During aspartame testing, lab tests showed fetal deformities, brain lesions and lower IQs. Regrettably, no one will support this fact - too much chaos when truth like this comes out. Can you imagine the lawsuits???

Unfortunately, it appears damage has been done that cannot be reversed. However, you can keep this situation from deteriorating by providing protein and full complex amino acids through a whole foods diet and natural supplements to help his brain fire. Also, avoid ALL food chemicals for the child, as these will only add stress to body function and aggravate health and behavior symptoms.

This is so sad. I feel aspartame during pregnancy contributed to, if not totally caused, this condition; but, it will never be taken seriously by the mainstream AMA. The politics run too deep.

Dr. Janet Hull

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