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I quit smoking in January of 2006. By July of 2006, I had limited use of my arms. I could not move my shoulders. I am unemployed, so I cannot get a medical diagnosis, but I know it's from all the diet sodas.

I was drinking 12 cans a day instead of smoking. My neck, right knee, feet, and fingers were also in pain. I thought about what I changed in my diet since my symptoms began, and realized it was the diet soda. That's how I got to this website.

I stopped drinking the soda in July, but still cannot move my muscles. I emailed the AMA and asked why they let the public consume products that are not safe. Surprise, surprise! I never received a response. I also emailed their attorney's website (I can't remember the name of it, but it's equivalent to the AMA for lawyers.) I asked them if it's legal to sell products to the public that are dangerous. Surprise, surprise. I never received a response from them either.

So, now I live my life in constant pain not knowing if I'm going to get any better. Please tell anyone who comes to your website to stay away from these sweeteners. I am a living example that they truly are sweet poisons.

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