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  • Vitamin B deficiency results in loss of appetite because it decreases the tone of the stomach wall muscles. Vitamin B deficiency also leads to a slow pulse rate.

  • Lyme disease was first recognized in the United States in 1975 when a large number of cases of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis were found around Lyme, Connecticut, a heavily wooded coastal town.

  • To obtain optimal health benefits from vitamin E, a mixture of tocopherols (alpha, beta, delta and gamma), and tocotrienols (alpha, beta, delta and gamma) are required. When taken together, these various forms of vitamin E synergistically work as a team to provide maximum health benefits.

  • Fat contains more calories than the equivalent amounts of carbohydrates or proteins.

  • Found in lake water, Cryptosporidium is a microscopic parasite that can harm the digestive tracts of humans and animals.

  • Prolonged use of OTC pain relievers can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and free radical stress on the liver.

  • White Willow Bark contains salicin, a natural pain reliever that can trigger the body's natural defenses against aches and pains.

  • The non-essential amino acid L-carnitine is principally formed in the liver and is absorbed in the intestine. It is synthesized in the body from lysine and methionine, and has vitamin-like qualities that requires B6, B3 niacin, iron and vitamin C for activation.

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