Case History from Australia

A wonderful case history from a 59 year-old woman in Australia. She discovered she's diabetic, and her doctor wanted to put her on insulin. She now she takes total control of this problem.

Name: Annie
Country: Australia
Age: 59
Sex: Female
Aspartame Usage: Not anymore

Comments: Hello again. I have written to you before to give you periodic updates on what is happening with me.

To fill you in:
I was poisoned by aspartame from artificial sugars in my tea/coffee and Tab® soft drinks, like the ones back in the 1960s. Once I found out what was making me sick, I gave it up - of sorts - mainly in tea.

So in May 2000, I became very ill and I thought that I was a diabetic. Off I went to the doctor, who was surprised that I was "cluey" enough to figure out what was wrong with me.

My doctors promoted low fat foods/diet foods, anything that was sugar-free. I joined Weight Watchers, too, and they were the worst at promoting artificial sweeteners. Finally, I remembered that I did some research from way back after a friend sent me a link about NutraSweet. I also saved an article out of our local daily's here. Wow - look at that I said...just look!

I found your site and it was even more powerful as I read all about this toxic poison. I became an anti-aspartame warrior.

A year ago I decided that the professor who was taking care of me, and his educator, were of no help, so having my own GP, I said I'd sack them both and get new ones. I did and I now attended a hospital in a different suburb. Thing was, this doctor was no better, and in fact worse. She was most condescending and said my sugar levels were really bad. However for me, I was doing a massive change even more so now, than ever before. After all, I was very well versed up in all foods now. I was talking the talk and walking the walk.

She, the doctor, said that I would have to go on to insulin. I said no way...and I said, "You'll see. It will change dramatically over the next three months."

She, of course, didn't believe me one dot. And mind you, I didn't know if I could pull it off, healing myself mind you. Fingers crossed, I might, and might I did.

It was also to show her that my way works and not necessarily her way of thinking, along with all the medico's, except my own GP.

My 3-month-sugar-level back then was 8.8, which is poor control. They hammer those two words into your head. POOR CONTROL!!

They asked me what I ate, when I walked, exercised, and my general demeanor. This is help, of course. Think positively. But really, where was their teaching that one shouldn't ingest aspartame, and what was the life long effect of it?!

So, here I am, well versed in diabetes and aspartame poisoning. I took all this on like studying for a medical degree, and I was going to pass no matter what.

Three weeks ago or so, I had to return for my three-month glucose tolerance test. Of course they don't give you the results there and then, so I had to make another appointment with my GP.

She opened her computer to my data and screamed with glee, "HOW ON EARTH DID YOU DO THAT, ANNIE!!??

"What," I said, "What did I do??"

"Your sugar levels!" she exclaimed.

"Oh gosh what are they?"

"Look. Take a look at the screen!"

There, before my eyes, was what I had always hoped for. 6.1 DOWN FROM 8.8.

I was reversing my blood sugar levels. No, I am NOT out of the woods yet, but the look on my own GP's face was what I wanted to see. It was even more thrilling to see the doctor's face at the hospital. HE said what on earth did you do?

I said it would take me days to tell you, but no thanks to aspartame, I have finally gotten to the correct position.

"I told you I would do it!" I said with glee and a smile so wide you could light up a million houses.

So for me, I still am on my mission to tell all about not ingesting this insidious poison. Some listen and some don't. They say to me, "Ah, we all hafta' die of something! And I/we love the stuff."

I have also lost 8 kgs of weight. I would like to start a group here; however, it's not as easy as it seems, and I don't think I'd like a bullet in my head for being a warrior against this poison.

I have sent so many people to your site, at times I think it must get jammed.

I belong to a site on here called Care2 To Make a Difference in the World,

I belong to two diabetic sites, and find it so difficult as most think Splenda is 200% OKKKKKKKKK....I, also, at times get finger-wagged by a so-called educator, and "she knows what she is talking about." She has diabetes, uses artificial sweeteners, and has a diabetic brother who eats all that stuff, too.

So, I am really thrilled that my levels have come down and there is no way on God's earth am I ingesting this toxic poison. No wonder there are many weight watcher devotees who never seem to lose weight and stay sick.

Thanks again for the wonderful site.

Yours sincerely
Annie H.

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