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Subject: Skeptic

Q: I have looked at your list of alleged "Side-Effects" of aspartame, and it looks like you have listed nearly every disease or disorder known to man. Your claims are grossly exaggerated at best, and completely insane at worst. I drink diet soda. I have for years. I am perfectly healthy. In fact, I just ran a marathon 2 weeks ago. The only people who get ill from aspartame are phenelyketonurics (sic), and to claim otherwise is complete b-s. You are misleading people, and taking advantage of them. You are leading them away from true medical solutions. What is your "degree" in anyway? I would like to see some credentials. I think you are either a con artist, or you are a skilled self-deceiver.


A: I'm sorry to hear that you haven't completed your research, and that you are now focusing on us. There are a number of respectable studies from which I have gotten my information. If you check with the FDA, you will discover they have a list of 92 health symptoms associated with aspartame. Until a few years ago, before the public was flooded with toxic pharmaceuticals, aspartame had more complaints in FDA files than any other product with FDA approval. By 1991, 4 deaths were already associated with aspartame, according to FDA records.

This is not "b-s" as you've so eloquently stated. Having worked with reputable independent researchers for over 15 years, this issue is "real" science supporting aspartame as a serious toxin, poisoning our foods. We've witnessed thousands of people, young and old, who were otherwise un-diagnosable, completely heal themselves by simply removing aspartame from their diets.

I refer to the 2005 Italian Soffritti Study, to Dr. Erik Millstone, Dr. John Olney, Dr. Diana Dow-Edwards, and the FDA Bressler report to list merely a few credible references for my information. Dr. Millstone was recently arguing the issue of aspartame safety to Parliament (in the UK) as the EU is considering banning aspartame in foods.

I highly recommend, especially since you are an athlete and your metabolism is much higher than most people, you consider seriously looking into the research concerning the dangerous affects of aspartame. I'm willing to bet you will perform even better if you stop using this neurotoxin. The truest path to health is a natural, whole foods diet focusing on real food and not processed chemicals to trick your body.

Good luck in your search for truth.

Subject: Aspartame and Children

Q: My question: why is aspartame allowed to be marketed, especially to my children, if it is linked to so many bad things? I don't understand.

A: None of us harmed by aspartame really understands. How "the establishment" can get by with sacrificing the health of children for stocks and profit is hard to comprehend. I suppose greed and the love of power has corrupted many humans and sacrificed many a young child, just as in war. Greed and power can many times overtake compassion and integrity, no doubt. I personally believe this is what we are witnessing (with some inflated egos and arrogance thrown in), but I remain hopeful that one day, this will come to an end. A point to consider: as long as people buy these products, they'll continue to manufacture them.

Good luck with your son.

Subject: Aspartame and psoriasis

Q: Has aspartame been linked to psoriasis?

A: Yes. The methanol found in aspartame and its by-products formaldehyde and formate, have conclusively been linked to skin rashes, irritations, acne, and infections. People commonly report these reactions, but interestingly, mostly men. (Maybe the skin products women use serve as a deterrent.)

If you are experiencing psoriasis, I would stop all aspartame use, restore the depleted nutrients a chemical diet has robbed from your body, and drink water all day, every day. Try supplementing with Hyaluronic Acid to restore moisture to your skin, plus flax seed and fish oils, and acidophilus.

Good luck with this.

Subject: Aspartame and depression

Q: I have bipolar disorder and take Lamictal® daily. I have also had gastric bypass surgery, and it is "suggested" that I eat sugar-free products (aka aspartame). I have noticed when I intake a lot of aspartame, I feel very depressed. When I stop, I feel levels in my mood. What is in aspartame that causes this type of brain activity in the neurotransmitters, and explain the whys and wherefores?

I have a psychology degree and I knew something was wrong that had to do with the aspartame. But no one would believe me. Please give me any and all info that you can, and what I can use as a replacement.

A: Thank you for your email. You are indeed, correct. Aspartame will alter the mood centers of the brain, and all three ingredients are to blame. Aspartic acid has been shown in lab experiments to eat holes in the brain tissue, excess phenylalanine is an excitotoxin (stimulating brain cell activity until the cells burn themselves out), and methanol is - well - toxic beyond belief, especially because it breaks down into formaldehyde. So, all three ingredients will not only penetrate the brain and get stuck there raising havoc and creating cellular ADHD, but these chemicals deplete the body of the healthy nutrients, such as lithium and iodine, that support emotional and hormonal balance.

You might enjoy reading my book Sweet Poison especially if you are in the business of helping others. It will change your life when you help others, and many say they are "reading about themselves" when they read my book.

All the best.

Subject: Aspartame and Parkinson's disease

Q: This is the first time I have been to your web site. I haven't had time to review all the info, but you are right on with what I have seen so far. At age 37, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and you probably know where I'm going with this short letter.

If I were blindfolded, I can within 5 seconds tell you the difference between regular soda and diet-soda. If I would continue to drink it, within a minute, I would feel nauseous and light headed. Could you tell me why this is? I have a son - age 26 - who doesn't have Parkinson's disease, but he reacts the same way. Does this suggest that he could have Parkinson's disease in his genes? Just curious.

A: So glad you found the site. Some answers may make a big difference in lessening your worries about WHY this disease has happened to you, and now your son shows signs as well.

Aspartame will enter the brain, and all three ingredients can contribute to the blame for a negative health reaction, and affect the blood and nervous system - no doubt. Are you on a good vitamin program to restore any nutrient depletions? Have you detoxed from all aspartame toxicity, especially the formaldehyde?

Your son shows the same reaction because, yes, weaknesses in health can be a genetic predisposition. But that doesn't mean he will get PD if he begins prevention now. Weaknesses can be strengthened through nutrition and by avoiding the toxins that break the weaknesses down. I would avoid all chemicals, especially aspartame and Splenda®, avoid them like the plague!

Your son may merely be reacting to the toxins in aspartame and not be a candidate for PD at all. If you remove all aspartame, and all food chemicals, from his diet, see if his reactions disappear. This will ease your mind, I'm sure. Then both of you stay on a chemical-free diet for the rest of your life to secure no more unexpected reactions. You have stumbled on the right answers, and now you can take control of your healing in a more positive light.

All the best in your quest for health,

Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN

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