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I am half way through your book, Sweet Poison, and felt compelled to contact you. I am 24 years old living in England, and have actively avoided aspartame for the last 17 years.

I was 7 when my distraught mother found out what was making me so ill. As a slightly overweight child, my mother put the whole family on a low calorie diet. I was always happy and playful - of a morning my Mum used to give me low calorie yoghurt laced with aspartame - she would walk to school with me while I skipped along. The walk to school was between 2-3 minutes. By the time Mum had dropped me off and walked back home, she would have a phone call from my headmaster asking her to come and pick me up as I was vomiting everywhere.

Although it took us 8 or 9 months of suffering before we found out what was poisoning me, I feel I am one of the lucky ones. I have an immediate reaction to the sweetener, and therefore find it very easy to avoid (although the number of products I cannot consume is getting smaller by the day!)

My parents and I have actively tried to spread the message of the evils of aspartame - I am finding it a struggle though - as many people do not show immediate symptoms, and they do not seem so concerned. I have tried to explain that the migraines that they suffer, the memory loss and lack of concentration (amongst many of the other things my friends and family suffer) could all be side affects of the aspartame they are consuming.

I fear my words are falling on deaf ears.

I, therefore, wanted to thank you - maybe with the aid of your book I can pass on the word.

Without people like you to stick up for the greater good, these fat-cat corporations would continue to sacrifice the health of the people of this world to line their already overflowing pockets.

Your book has been inspirational. Thank you again.

Posted February 2006 | Permanent Link

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