Did You Know?

* Once in the bloodstream, amino acids compete with each other for transport across the blood brain barrier (BBB) and into the brain.

*Aspartame is composed of two amino acids - 50% phenylalanine and 40% aspartic acid.

* The Wistar rat (the Norway Rat) is the appropriate rat strain to use in brain tumorigenicity studies.

* A dose of aspartame equivalent to three cans of cola per day, scaled down to the weight of the test animals and administered for sixty days, caused the highest incidence of brain tumors than any chemical ever tested on the Wistar rat.

*Excess phenylalanine levels in the brain block the production of serotonin, which causes PMS symptoms, insomnia, mood swings, aggression, and an increased craving for carbohydrates and sugar.

* Amino acids should be taken in combination of at least 8 (eight). When in isolated form, aminos become imbalanced in the bloodstream, and hence, compete for dominance into the brain in an unhealthy balance.

* Methanol's function in aspartame is to bond the phenylalanine and aspartic acid together. When aspartame is heated above 86 degrees F, the methanol breaks "free."

* The FDA Task Force assembled to research aspartame in the 1970s determined that some of the blood tests GD Searle used in their research studies had been tampered with.

* The New England Journal Of Medicine published a study showing a high incidence of birth defects from elevated phenylalanine levels in PKU mothers.

* In 1974, the FDA rejected a request from GD Searle to approve aspartame based on further brain tumor testing was needed.

* By late 1984, seven million pounds of aspartame found exclusively in NutraSweet had already been consumed in the United States alone.

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