February 2005 Issue

The Many Colors of Sweeteners

If you get confused on which colored packet sweetener is what, which ones are safe, and which colors to avoid, remember this good rule of thumb: Color Matters The yellow packet (Splenda®) = caution like in a traffic light The blue packet (Equal®) = makes you feel blue The pink... Continue Reading

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Why We Don't Drink Salt Water

In reality, humans don't need "salt" in their diets at all. If we did, we would drink salt water. But, humans do need sodium - the natural sodium element found in the soil and in foods grown naturally from the soil. It's the specific sodium + chloride isolated combination that... Continue Reading

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Himalayan Sea Salt

I have discovered a natural salt sourced from sodium compounds found deep within the Himalayan Mountains. In reality, many people find it hard to avoid sodium chloride all together, so if you must add extra salt to your foods, select the purest form of "sodium" to allow your body the... Continue Reading

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Drug Recall

The FDA has issued a public health advisory concerning phenylpropanolamine (PPA). This drug is an ingredient used in many over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription cough and cold medications as a decongestant, and in OTC weight loss products. The companies are asking consumers to call 800-548-3708 or the 800 number written on... Continue Reading

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Did You Know?

* Amino acids compete not only for access into the bloodstream, but also for access into the brain. * Aspartame is composed of two amino acids - 50% phenylalanine and 40% aspartic acid. * Humans must include adequate amounts of a minimum of 8 amino acids in their diet. These... Continue Reading

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Q and A with Dr. Hull

To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull Subject: Aspartame and pregnancy Q: In 1991 I had miscarried a daughter at 20 weeks. The pregnancy had progressed normally, no indication whatsoever of problems. An autopsy was done, but nothing conclusive was discovered. I drank at least one diet Coke daily throughout the 4... Continue Reading

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Healthy Recipe

Steamed Vegetables with Lemon Sauce From Dale Figtree, PhD EAT SMART: A GUIDE TO GOOD HEALTH FOR KIDS Choose up to three (3) pounds of two or more vegetables. Different colors insure a good variety of nutrients and an attractive color combination. It is best to steam the vegetables and... Continue Reading

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Truth About Splenda®.com

February's Feature Article is from Fact vs Fiction from the new website TruthAboutSplenda.com: http://www.janethull.com/images/truth-about-splenda.jpg FICTION: Splenda is natural sugar without calories. FICTION: Splenda is safe to eat, even for children. FICTION: Splenda has been thoroughly tested. FICTION: Products made with Splenda do not need warning labels. FICTION: Once eaten, Splenda... Continue Reading

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