Take Your Minerals To Avoid Disease

Even if you do not feel immediate results from taking your minerals, look at what you can avoid by making sure you are not deficient in minerals. One or two ounces a day keeps the doctor away....

Acne - zinc, sulfur
Anemia - iron, cobalt, copper, selenium
Arthritis - calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, boron
Asthma - manganese, zinc, potassium
Brittle nails - iron, zinc
Birth defects - zinc, copper, cobalt, selenium, magnesium, manganese

Cancer - selenium, germanium
Candida - zinc, selenium
Heart disease - calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, selenium
Chronic Fatigue - zinc, selenium, chromium, vanadium
Constipation - iron, magnesium, potassium
Cramps - calcium, sodium

Depression - calcium, copper, iron, sodium, zinc, chromium
Diabetes - chromium, vanadium, zinc
Digestive problems - chlorine, chromium, zinc
Eczema - zinc
Goiter (low thyroid) - iodine, copper
Hair loss - copper, zinc

Graying hair - copper
Hyperactivity - chromium, zinc, magnesium, lithium
Immune system weakness - zinc, selenium, chromium
Impotence - selenium, zinc, manganese, calcium, chromium
Infertility - calcium, zinc, selenium, chromium, copper, cobalt, manganese
Liver dysfunction - cobalt, selenium, zinc

Low blood sugar - chromium, vanadium, zinc
Memory loss - manganese
Muscular weakness - selenium, potassium, manganese
Nervousness - magnesium
Osteoporosis - calcium, magnesium, boron
PMS - zinc, chromium, selenium

Receding gums - calcium, potassium, magnesium, boron
Sexual dysfunction - selenium, zinc, manganese
Wrinkles/sagging (aging) - copper


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