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To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: worst aspartame reaction

Q: Janet, can you tell me what is the most scary thing that can happen as a result of taking aspartame?

A: Death! I almost died from aspartame, and I have case histories in my files of death caused by aspartame. I was ready to Code with a heart attack at 36 years old, as my resting heart rate was 180 BPM. There is a case history in my book of a 21 year old who died from a grand mal seizure caused by her addiction to diet colas.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: 10 common foods with aspartame

Q: What are 10 of the most common foods and drinks containing aspartame?

A: The biggest thing to watch out for is the food products that have aspartame in them but are not labeled sugar-free. Wrigley's gums (Doublemint, etc.) have aspartame in them but are not labeled as sugar-free. Many medications have aspartame, too.

1. Wrigley's gum
2. Fiber one
3. Children's Tylenol
4. Metamucil
5. All diet colas except RC Cola and Diet Rite with Splenda
6. Starburst popsicles
7. Jell-O Sugar-free Instant Gelatin Desert
8. Weight-Watcher's Frozen Dinners
9. Crystal Lite Drink Mixes
10. Nestle Quik Lite Chocolate milk
(More names of products on pp. 68-71 of my book, Sweet Poison)


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Someone may be poisoning me

Q: Is it possible to tell from the hair analysis if I have been poisoned?

A: Yes. Not all poisons may show in the hair, but the obvious ones will, such as arsenic and fertilizers. Both are used commonly around the house and both can poison someone. If you know what you suspect is the poison, we can focus on that. If you're not sure, we'll just see what we find.

Q: The poisoning would have taken place for a period of two years, ending October 2002. I know this sounds bizarre. But I am certain my ex-husband was giving me something clandestinely, but I don't know what. He is now up for 6 felony counts for molestation. Everything fell into place. Had I gone for blood tests immediately, perhaps something could have been done. I thought that the hair analysis might work. Please let me know as soon as possible.

A: Rat poison (arsenic) and fertilizers are two of the most common elements that may not show up in the blood but will in the hair. It's worth a try.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: radiation poisoning

Q: I am trying to find out if hair analysis can identify if one has been overexposed to radiation. All the doctors can tell me is "what I do not have", but they are unable to find anything wrong or make any conclusions.

A: Yes to your question. The hair analysis will show us what toxins are in there, and don't be surprised if there's more than one.

I can imagine you are worn out with this, but I don't think you've been in the right places for the right answers. Now you have entered the world of alternative medicine - now you'll get the answers you've been searching for.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Which enzyme do I use?

Q: I recently contacted you about an autoimmune disease that I have that has caused inflammation of my kidneys. Since I had been using aspartame previously, you suggested that I do the detox program along with cranberry tincture and Wobenzym-N enzymes for the inflammation. I got your book on the detox, which calls for digestive enzymes after every meal. Do I need to take digestive enzymes along with the Wobenzym enzymes or are the Wobenzym enzymes digestive enzymes? If I need to take both, can you tell me when I would take of the Wobenzym as well as how many you would suggest that I take?

A: When detoxing, it is more effective in removing toxins to use both digestive enzymes - the stomach enzymes, like pepsin and papaya, right after the meal to help digest your foods, and the Wobenzym-N is used with a fairly empty tummy because it is a body enzyme and scours the tissues for toxins. You'll get faster results when using both. But if I were to choose one of the two, I'd use the Wobenzym-N.

To Your Health,
Janet Hull


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