The Right Kind of Calcium

Activist Post published a very interesting article on a recent calcium study. The research shows taking the "wrong" form of calcium can increase the risk for heart attack. The "wrong" forms of calcium are those forms that have already been processed, such as oyster shells, egg shells, and bone meal (hydroxylapatite). Old-fashioned nutrition and basic commonsense confirm to me that this study is spot-on, although, I do mix bone meal with flax seed oil in my dog's daily feed.

I have always recommended supplementing with "undigested" forms of calcium, which are the right forms of calcium. The body doesn't benefit from by-products that have already been "processed" and digested by another animal; this includes what another animal has already used up and also the concoctions from a man-made laboratory that have been chemically processed. The body benefits from doing its own processing and assimilation of undigested nutrients. Consider your body its own processing plant, and never "feed it" by-products that have already been used up.

Animals in the wild eat natural forms of unprocessed calcium compounds, such as dolomite. Deer, elk, moose, and gazelle nibble on dolomite to restore their nutrients to grow their antlers and hooves. Tropical birds fly to clay beds daily to consume raw clay sediments rich in calcium, magnesium, silica, boron, and phosphorus. Wild animals get their daily dose of vitamin D from being in the sunlight.

Here's another old-fashioned, basic nutrition principle that I promote: the human body requires a 1:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium when supplementing with these essential elements. This means equal proportions of both, such as 500 mg calcium to 500 mg magnesium, or 1000 mg calcium to 1,000 mg magnesium. Most manufactured forms of Ca/Mg are higher in calcium than magnesium, such as 500 mg calcium to 250 mg magnesium, or 1000 mg calcium to 400 mg magnesium. NOW makes a Ca/Mg with a 1:1 ratio.

In nature, you always find a 1:1 ratio of Ca/Mg in mineral compounds, and you'll also find other bone nutrients and trace minerals in this healthy, natural mix. Nature's unprocessed bone nutrients contain a complex of elements needed to restore, bone, nerve, gum, tooth, hair, skin and nail health.

These nutrients are silica, phosphorus, strontium, boron, cobalt and zinc. Yep, the complex calcium nutrients found in nature are far more advanced than just grinding up an oyster shell. Because the body cannot assimilate an oyster shell, it does not absorb into your bone tissue, and hence deposits outside of the bone causing joint pain. Undigested calcium circulates within your blood as it attempts to exit your body, and this means that your blood toxins increase, your blood thickens, and your chances for cardio issues increase.

Return to the natural forms of unprocessed calcium as a source of health. I recommend Jarrow's Bone-Up, NOW's Bone Strength and liquid BioSil. Your heart will thank you for it.

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