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Can I Detox All At Once?
Thank you very much for the hair analysis information.....I have ordered all the vitamins/minerals you suggested, and I will start my new life once they arrive. I have not taken this many supplements before, so should I just start taking all this at once or would you suggest a gradual type of way to approach it? I just want to make sure whether I should do all the cleanses at once - the heavy metal, the aspartame cleanse, and the parasite cleanse. Thank you so much for all your information. The more I read, the more I search for more. Blessings!

A: I really enjoy clients like you because when I work with high resonating, spiritual people, I watch them soar! I am a big believer in the mind-body connection.

I would go for it if it was me (I did when I had my aspartame reaction), but you can design the program to match your body. You would enjoy my book, Sweet Poison. It has many messages, and you will feel like you're reading about yourself. Initially, my recovery required taking 50 vitamins a day, but that didn't last past the initial detox. Then it became a lesser daily supplement routine of simply the basics, of which I still take 20 years later.

So, first, feed your body the nutrients it is asking for, and then detox at the same time - what comes out leaves a void, so to say, and when the nutrients are there to immediately replace that void, then the body flourishes like fertilizing a plant.

The detox can create a reaction, though, because you are metabolizing the toxins, and while they are excreting, the body will react to them. So, as you begin the detox, either bite the bullet and help it eliminate what is making it imbalanced, like having the flu for example, or you can then decide what to decrease to allow the detox to take place with less body trauma. The key is to be consistent, and allow the body the time it needs to completely rid itself of these foreign bodies. So, consistency and time are your golden keys.

Neuropathy in my right foot.
Hello Dr. Janet! I think I have neuropathy in my right foot because I have noticed it slowly going out of control. Two days ago, I looked at my toes and tried to move them, but two of the middle toes did not move, and I am also losing my balance a little at a time. Is there any hope to correct this?

I may have to give up driving, but I am still working. I need money to make it.

Can you help?

A: First, take a deep breath and don't let this throw you into fear. This foot reaction (and it is a reaction to something) has probably built up over time, so reverse the time it took to get into this situation by immediately identifying the cause or causes, replacing what the body needs through a good supplement program, and then begin your own therapy to assist your body into recovery.

You need to discern what is causing this before you can design a solution, so I really suggest having a hair analysis done to get you started with some answers. This stops the guessing, and begins your life with some direction on the road ahead. Make sense?

Go to my website to see how I approach situations like this. It really does save money when you start getting answers that make more sense as opposed to throwing it toward expensive medical tests and never-ending office appointments that leave you with little to no answers.

I hope this helps you in your journey forward.

Organic Communities
Any leads on finding processed food without some sort of added poisons? Are there any world/organic communities?

A: The best, cheapest, and easiest solution is to begin growing whatever you can by yourself. A small garden works, some chickens if you live in the country, and that sort of thing.

Then tap into your local farmers and farmer's markets. And then, buy processed products from health food markets and whole food markets as opposed to the larger grocery chains.

Right now with our over-processed/corporate farming in the USA, this is the best first step for everyone to take.

The best in health,

- Janet Hull

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