Neotame and Organic Foods

Every consumer needs to be thoroughly informed regarding the quality and content of food products today, especially those seeking safety in organics. No one should ever be ashamed of questioning the integrity of the foods we consume. This is what keeps both our government agencies and manufacturers in check. Sadly, we have not succeeded concerning the dangers of aspartame, and trying to avoid such disgrace with subsequent chemical sweeteners should not be criticized, but applauded. Questioning where the new artificial sweetener Neotame may be found is a prudent precaution, and we should never let our guard down.

There is no doubt that our education on the history of diet sweeteners is deficient, at best. Consumers are buying products with little understanding of how they are manufactured, what they are manufactured with, and the rules and regulations assuring they are safe. Questioning Neotame in organic foods is wise.

Representatives from the USDA have confirmed that Neotame is not in, and will not be allowed, into USDA Certified organic foods. Even as an approved synthetic ingredient. This is excellent news, and data to be documented for the future.

On January 6, 2011, the USDA sent the following:

"The National Organic Program has received inquiries concerning Internet claims that the artificial sweetener Neotame is allowed in organic foods.

"To clarify, it is NOT permitted in organic foods or foods labeled 'made with organic [specified ingredient or food group],' nor is it permitted in organic livestock feed.

"All additives used as ingredients or processing aids for foods labeled 'organic' or 'made with organic [specified ingredient or food group]' must appear on the National List (7 CFR 205.605-205.606).

"The NOP is not aware of any complaints at present regarding Neotame in organic food products. Complaints may be filed by phone or e-mail to the NOP Compliance and Enforcement Division:

NOP Compliance and Enforcement
USDA Agricultural Marketing Service
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Mail Stop 0268
Washington, D.C. 20250

Phone: 202-720-3252
Fax: 202-205-7808

This enforces a very important point. No matter what others think, we must never stop questioning what is in our food supply. As with aspartame, we need sentries to maintain the watch.

Look at the sites at and see why consumers are concerned about Neotame being unlabeled and sanctioned by the USFDA as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) in our food, drinks, medications, gum, and products such as mouthwash, tooth whiteners, toothpaste, breath strips/mints, food replacements, protein powders and shakes, etc. Children, pregnant women, consumers with preexisting health conditions, and the elderly will be exposed to Neotame without their knowledge, and it is wrong to exclude Neotame from product labels - at any percentage.

"Once Neotame gets into the main food supply, unlabeled, and is mixed, as promised, with SUGAR,"
states Mary Nash Stoddard, "there is very little hope of stopping the run-away-train. That's why we must address this issue now in both organic and inorganic foods - before this happens."

Let's look at Splenda: Made From Sugar, So It Tastes like Sugar as it was first introduced in the USA in 2001. The manufacturing of Splenda (sucralose) does not require two percent of its manufactured ingredients be reported to the FDA or listed as added ingredients. But within that two percent in Splenda is:

  1. Acetone;

  2. Acetic acid;

  3. Acetyl alcohol;

  4. Acetic anhydride;

  5. Ammonium chloride;

  6. Benzene;

  7. Chlorinated sulfates;

  8. Ethyl alcohol;

  9. Isobutyl ketones;

  10. Formaldehyde;

  11. Hydrogen chloride;

  12. Lithium chloride;

  13. Methanol;

  14. Sodium methoxide;

  15. Sulfuryl chloride;

  16. Trityl chloride;

  17. Toluene;

  18. Thionyl chloride.

Although manufacturing guidelines specify limits on these hidden substances, there are no assurances these limits have been met because they do not have to be reported. But, the FDA says Splenda is safe. Would you buy products with these chemicals for your child or elderly parent if they were listed on the ingredient list?

At the very least In today's world, 100 percent of all ingredients, elements and chemical compounds used to make any product, organic or not, should be listed on all food products sold for public consumption. All chemical additives used. If "Natural Flavorings" are used in a salad dressing, for example, then those specific flavorings should be named. Instead of the consumer having to "chase down" the facts of what's going on, the data should be clearly presented at purchase.

Here are some questions that have yet to be answered: Does the USFDA and other government agencies recognize Neotame as a "chemical", "synthetic", or "natural substance?" And, is Neotame also on the books for future approval as a hydroxyl protein? How does the USDA intend to enforce compliance when dealing with products that contain approved substances imported from foreign countries, such as Mexico, China, India, Brazil, and the Netherlands? These are important questions for the USDA to answer.

Never let your guard down, and never stop questioning the safety of any food product. I'm still questioning what foods Neotame IS found in. I am relieved that organic foods are reported to be free of even trace elements of Neotame.

I will be buying more organic foods now that I know Neotame IS inserted into inorganic foods within our American food supply. And, maybe more importantly, given the checkered past of its neurotoxic parent, aspartame, the most important question to ask is "why was Neotame even granted Generally Recognized As Safe status by the FDA?"

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