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Thank you for your alert about Neotame in organic foods. I have been reading blogs that say this is an Internet hoax, but I think you may have raised a good point for everyone organic to explore further. I am in charge of Social Media for an organic foods company, and after I read your article by Mary Nash Stoddard concerning Neotame in organic foods, I called the USDA in Washington to inquire about her statement. The person taking the call had never even HEARD of NEOTAME! Well, this is just an example that the plethora of food chemicals up "for sale" these days makes it harder to keep a close watch on whether they sneak through the system or not.

So, here's a question for the USDA:
Can someone please tell us how in Hades, in Brazil, or the Netherlands, the USDA is going to regulate and police these sweetener blends - in some cases less than 1% of the product - keeping USDA Certified Organic products unpolluted with unacceptable synthetic substances? If they are ubiquitous and undetected in our food supply, which they obviously will be, how do we control ADIs and possible dangerous interactions with prescription meds, etc?

Again, showing all the sensitivity of a Mac Truck, the sweetener industry seems to have written-off organic consumers and all members of vulnerable subsets of the population, such as pregnant women, infants, children, the elderly, patients with preexisting conditions, and those already shown to have a heightened sensitivity to aspartame, neotame and monosodium glutamate.

If the USDA hasn't even heard of Neotame, how can they say it's not getting into organic foods, and how can they say other unacceptable additives aren't either?

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