Did You Know - About Food Additives?

Neotame does NOT have to carry the PKU warning in food products and does not have to be listed as an ingredient EXCEPT when represented as a Dietary Aid.

In 1971, Dr. John Olney informed G.D. Searle that the aspartic acid in aspartame caused holes to form in the brains of his test mice.

In 1973, G.D. Searle petitioned the FDA for approval to use aspartame in all foods.

Four categories of organic labels were approved by the USDA, based on the percentage of organic content: 100% Organic, Organic, Made with Organic Ingredients, and Less than 70% Organic.

Acetone, Benzene, Methanol, and Toluene are used to make Splenda.

Natural flavors can be considered NOP compliant as "organic" when used under the 95% rule if flavorings constitute 5% or less of the total ingredients in a product and if they meet the appropriate requirements when their organic counterparts are not available.

GRAS means Generally Recognized As Safe for all foods sanctioned by the USFDA, with some stipulations for infant products.

The term "organic" is not synonymous with "natural." The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) defines "natural" as "a product containing no artificial ingredient or added color and is only minimally processed (a process which does not fundamentally alter the raw product) may be labeled natural."

Neotame is now found in our main food supply and is also mixed with some sugars.

"Made with organic ingredients" can be used for any product with at least 70% organically produced ingredients.

The contact number for NOP Compliance and Enforcement, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service is 202-720-3252.

In 1975, The FDA concluded that many of GD Searle's aspartame studies showing aspartame-fed animals got brain tumors were questionable, and the FDA's 1974 aspartame approval was rescinded.

Most foods labeled natural, including flavorings, are not subject to government controls beyond the standard regulations and health codes.

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