Aspartame Case History

City: New Hope, USA;

Age: 46;

Gender: Female;

Aspartame Consumption: Only used for aprox 1 month;

Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes;

Diet Products Used: Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, Equal, water (flavored powdered additives);

Do you use Equal: Yes;

Do your children use aspartame: No;

Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free: Yes;

May we include your case history on website: Yes;

Do you want your information anonymous: Yes;

Referred by: Google;

Comments: Buying into the "vanity-insanity"... and the simple mindset that I could cut calories from 160 to 0 without doing the research (because "everybody is doing it")...I went on an "aspartame only" BINGE. "Diet Sodas" because they didn't count!! The little packets of flavorings added to bottled water tasted great and they "didn't count"!! I was easily knocking off 500 calories a day.

As a Paramedic with 22 years experience as a Flight Medic, ER Medic, and "Street Medic", I knew my protocols and algorithms backwards and forwards. I never second-guessed myself or "froze."

A few times (during my 1 month diet binge), I started forgetting where I placed my keys, I forgot to pay a bill, I couldn't recall a name, etc.....all things that I blamed on "stress" and/or lack of sleep.

Upon seeing me "chug" a Diet Coke during a break in the ER lounge, a PA said, "Man...don't you know that diet crap will kill you??"

I gave the uninterested "what do you mean?" He spewed a ton of side effects--none of which I WANTED to hear. Although the "confusion & forgetfulness" rang through!!

The breaking point came when we got a call for a cardiac arrest. This is something I had done countless times, and it was second nature to "run a code." I confirmed the rhythm...placed the ET the IV line started...chest compressions started...and then I BLANKED!! I had a man's life literally in my hands...and was clueless!! Luckily, my EMT was one who I had worked with for a few years, and he knew what I wanted before I asked for it. He sensed my "blankness", and handed me a syringe, saying..."you want EPI, right?"

That pulled me back to the job at hand. I followed through...and the patient survived. Had my EMT not been paying attention all along, and not covered my backside, I would have been devastated, and my patient dead!!

I went to speak with a doctor, who was also a friend... scared that perhaps I was going to be an early onset Alzheimer's case. My mind was getting foggier at times. As I sat there talking with him (Diet Coke in hand) explaining my heart out, he asked, "How long have you been drinking that $#!+ ??"

He proceeded to go on a ten-minute tirade about ANYTHING containing "aspartame." He ended his "speech" with the statement, "Doctor assisted suicide is illegal in this state...for me to allow you to be so clueless and naive that you would continue to partake in such poison would be nothing less!!"

I QUIT my "binge"...cold turkey!! Within about 2 weeks, I started trusting myself again. I felt "clearer headed." I never had that "ER situation" happen again. But then again, I haven't touched aspartame since. I do read labels now!! I'll never consume aspartame again. It's NOT WORTH IT!!

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